White Sky Riders
White Sky Riders Emblem 3
Spawned: August 25th, 2016
Creator: Aeons Windspear
Power Size:
  • 85 (August to December, 2016)
  • 475 (January to May, 2017)
  • 632 - 592 (June to August, 2017)
  • 437 - 4,000 (September, to December, 2017)
  • 4,000 - 900,000 (January, 2018)
Class: Peace Keeper Type
Capital Map: Forge Island
Months Active: August, 2016 - Present
Occupation: Brotherhood type clan, that was designed for training players for emergencies
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

​​The White Sky Riders are a peacekeeping gamer clan composed of various moderators, Indie Game Developers, and everyday gamers that enjoy Halo.

Founded by Aeons Windspear after the Moderation War, the task of the Sky Riders was two-fold: prevent the rise of a threat similar to Chaos & The Condemned Virus, and keep the people of the gaming world safe from those who would abuse it. Their use of every weapon & vehicle is second to none, but are very well trained in in the use of air vehicles & explosive and melee weapons.

This clan played a pivotal role in the Clan Crisis, and would appeared to have been the only clan in the History of Xbox Live, to catch up and evenly match Shadow Ocean.   



Founded in mid 2016, the White Sky Riders were first organized by Aeons Windspear in hopes of not only creating his first artificial clan, but also training Xbox Live players for when & if an emergency were to occur against the Xbox Live network. With the Moderation War over, and Xbox Live still not fully repaired from the war damaged that occured from 2015 last year.

Aeons Windspear focused on creating a brotherhood-based clan, in an attempt to try and not only train players for emergency situations but also help with the reconstruction of Xbox Live.

This clan also served as the protectors of newly founded clans, such as Tanya Bladedancer's Blades of the Phoenix clan, and the formal Seven Sage clans, including the infamous Tiger's Talons.

Relations with Shadow Ocean

Before the establishment of the White Sky Riders, Shadow Ocean, a clan founded by RisingSun about 4 months before the White Sky RIders, was aiding the White Sky Riders in their weapons as they were able to give them certain guns that no longer were necessary for the clan, and were also even able to give them the Halo Reach Plasma Launcher, a cannon that was favorable alongside the Fuel Rod and Incineration Cannon in Shadow Ocean's early weeks until it was given to them, in order to lighten the load on anti-tank guns.

The White Sky Riders eventually, lost contact with Shadow Ocean in May of 2017 for reasons unknown, as despite multiple messages sent by the clan's leader Aeons Windspear to get in contact with RagingSun6989, he was unable to prevail.

In June of 2017, the White Sky Riders, would eventually learn of the Shadow Ocean Invasion of the Blades of the Phoenix on June 4th 2017, and their later Ocean Blitz against Halo 5.

Reaction to The Attack

Clan Crisis

Early Involvement in the War

Operations in Shadow Ocean Territory

Attack on Fort Ever Vigilant

Getting the clan back together

Early Operations against Shadow Ocean


Hurricane Company

Tornado Squad

Typhoon Division

Sky Guard Legion


Fire Arms

Battle Rifle
The Battle Rifle was the standard issue gun in the White Sky Rider peacekeeper clan. Armed at the time as normal game coding for Xbox Live Players, the Battle Rifle was severely modified during the 2nd month of the Clan Crisis, in hopes of matching up towards Shadow Ocean's Covenant Carbine.

Despite the heavy modding conducted by Aeons Windspear and some of his best hackers, the software known as Waterspout, was erased following the destruction of the White Sky Rider beacons in late August, further crippling the Battle Rifle's strength...

H5G Render BattleRifle
Halo 2 Battle Rifle
... H5G-BR55
DMR Rifle
DMR Rifles is the primary weapon issued to the Sky Rider marksman team of Tornado Squad. Armed with the state of the art punching power, the DMR, was currently modded in order to fire as fast and as deadly as Shadow Ocean's Covenant Carbine, from both Halo's 2, and 3. During Project Waterspout, the DMR, reached its peak in punching power and by September of 2017, was proven to be almost as powerful as a Chaos DMR... Designated Marksman Rifle
M41 Rocket Launcher

A modified version of the Rocket Launcher serves as Hurricane Squad's anti-infantry weapon.

Capable of firing six to twelve M.I.R.V. rounds, this Launcher packed a devastating punch against any soldier foolish enough to stand up to it. Shadow Ocean casualties in the mid months of the Clan Crisis, were mostly done more by these RPG's then by any other weapon of the White Sky Riders.

Production of these rocket launchers continued throughout August until the end of the month when Project Waterspout was eliminated by Shadow Ocean.

H4 rocket trans
Binary Rifle
Like the Blades of the Phoenix, who possesses the Binary Rifle as their standard issue sniper rifle, this weapon was seemingly hand picked, and even given to Tanya Bladedancer, by Aeons Windspear of the White Sky Riders, further resulting in the clan origin of the Binary Rifle being from the White Sky Riders, and not from the Blades of the Phoenix.

These weapons were modded in August of 2017, during the Clan Crisis, and even played a valiant role during the Moderation War, 2 years earlier in 2015, as it was wielded by Aeons Windspear, as a remembrance to Tanya Bladedancer who sacrificed herself to save her love interest during Viral Day on October 4th, 2015...

H4 binary trans
Brute Shot
h H3-T25GL-BruteShotSideLeft
Grenade Launcher
s Grenade Lancher Cropped
Energy Sword
The Energy Sword, was the primary melee weapon for the White Sky Riders close to the Gravity Hammer. The Energy Sword was a vital weapon for the Clan Crisis, as this weapon was once used by Aeons Windspear during the Moderation War 2 years prior to the clan crisis in 2015.

Having received a new color caused by the events of Project Waterspout in August of 2017, the Energy Sword was identified to be a color red with a modified green outline, and was able to contain enough force power into destroying a single tank in one slash...

H4 sword trans
The Magnum, having to be favored by Aeons Windspear since the development of Halo 3 ODST, was the primary pistol of Tornado Squad, with the loud base version being for Hurricane Squad, and the newly modded coded development pistols of Project Waterspout, were used for Tornado Squad, as these guns were redesigned by special coding in order to silence their sounds, as a similar attachment was also pulled off with the SMG's that Tornado Squad also possess... Magnum
The Sub-Machine gun is one of the primary secondary weapons to the White Sky Riders, that were meant and modded by Project Waterspout in August of 2017, to compete with Shadow Ocean's Plasma Rifles and Repeaters. These guns were mostly used by Tornado Squad as their primary weapon of defense when going in on missions in Shadow Ocean map servers in order to either sabotage or destroy certain areas of importance... H3-M7SMG-LeftSide
Spartan Laser
Having to have been Aeons Windspear's favorite anti-tank gun since the development of Halo 3 in 2007, the Spartan Laser was specifically chosen by Aeons Windspear to serve as the White Sky Rider's primary anti-tank weapon. During the Clan Crisis, the Spartan Laser were the first to be removed from warfare during Project Waterspout, and were modded with the state of the art coding that made these guns powerful enough to shoot through four Shadow Ocean Heavy tanks at once, severely damaging or destroying them in one hit.

When Project Waterspout failed on August 30th, 2017, the damage rate to the Spartan laser dropped 10%, but was still devastating against Shadow Ocean vehicles...

H4 splaser trans
Gravity Hammer
The Gravity Hammer, like the Energy Sword, was known as the White Sky RIder's most lethal melee weapons in the entire clan. However unlike the normal Halo coded hammers, these melee weapons were redeveloped by the software Whirlwind in hopes of causing greater damage that was powerful enough to wipe up to 12 players in a row if surrounded.

These weapons proved to be strongly disliked by Shadow Ocean, as these melee weapons often crushed their tanks and armor at each time they attack a certain map that belonged to the Brotherhood clan, and it was because of these weapons, on why Shadow Ocean targeted the beacons on Halo 4 in hopes of seizing Waterspout, and eliminating these hammers from existence...

H4 hammer trans
Plasma Launcher
Having to rival the Incineration Cannon of Shadow Ocean, the Plasma Launcher in the early weeks before the Clan Crisis, the Plasma Launcher was going to be previously used by Shadow Ocean, but Rising Sun during the clan's early months in 2016 eventually gave it up to Aeons Windspear, as the Incineration Cannon who had also been apart of Shadow Ocean since its founding, was proven to be more favorable then the Launcher.

The Plasma Launcher was used wisely during the Halo Reach Theater in the Clan Crisis and was best known for shooting white bolts of plasma enter that acted as homing rockets that were powerful enough to shoot through vehicles destroying them in one hit, their Iron sites was improved by Project Waterspout, and was upgraded into allowing players to see vehicles even from behind cover, as the plasma shells were also upgraded to shoot through walls, making these guns a perfect ambush anti tank unit...

Plasma Launcher
Armed with the state of the art explosive heavy shelling, the Shotgun of Halo 3, were best known to have been the major punching power of the peacekeeping brotherhood clan the White Sky Riders. These guns were able to easily out boast Shadow Ocean's Mauler's due to the fact of size length and recoil power.

Even after the elimination of Project Waterspout, these shotguns were still known as one of the most powerful assets in the White Sky RIder's brotherhood arsenal...

M90 Shotgun (Torch Side)
Halo 2 Machine-gun Turret
H2 White Sky Rider Machinegun Turret
Gauss Turret
White Sky Rider Gauss Turret


The Crusher
... Mantis
The Hawk
... Hawk Battle tank
Lash Scorpion
... H2-M808BScorpionMBT
War Path
... HaloReach White Sky Rider Rocket Hog
Leon APC
Leon APC
Gauss Kart
... HReach White Sky Rider Gauss Hog
... H2A White Sky Rider Hornet
... HaloReach White Sky Riders Falcon
Raven Bomber
Raven Bomber
Night Hawk
... H5G Render Phaeton
Midnight Rider
... Midnight Rider
... Goliath
Wave Breaker
Wave Breaker Aircraft Carrier
Water Destroyer
Water Destroyer Tank Destroyer
The Icarus
STEEL II Concept
Icarus Mk II
... Warlord