Virtual Conflict Rise of Chaos
Virtual Conflict Logo
Launch Date: Possibly 2017
Years Active: Unknown
Creator: 2091riveraisrael
Sites:   You
Country of Origin: United States
Status: In the Planning

Virtual Conflict Rise of Chaos is a future Machinima for the Project Corporation, representing a fictional Moderation War on Xbox Live between a small group of surviving Xbox Live Players known as the Seven Sages against an Artificial Intelligence army known as Chaos for strategic control of the Network before the companies of Microsoft pull the Plug and forever erase Xbox Live from Existence. Virtual Conflict is set to be the first major Machinima to ever be created by The PROJECT Corporation.

It is unknown when it will produced or created, but it is possible that the Machinima might begin somewhere in 2016, if people decides to donate themselves into helping 2091riveraisrael create it on Xbox Live in the Master Chief Collection for the Halo Trilogy.




Main Protagonist of Virtual Conflict

Main Antagonists of Virtual Conflict




  • The Machinima was originally supposed to be called Condemnation since 2013, but after the opinions of one of the former cast members, the Producers decided to change it to its current name...