Universal Sentra...
Universal Sentra Logo
Fate: To Be Founded, after Let's Go Defender...
Industry: Video Game Development
Founded: 2009...
Key People:
  • 2091riveraisrael Retires soon...
  • Spinachiskwl Former Chairwomen
  • Pokiezilla2 Executive Officer
Founder: 2091riveraisrael
Parent: The PROJECT

Universal Sentra, is known to be a Video Game Development Company founded by 2091riveraisrael on January 19th, 2009.

It will be founded as soon as completion of the Game New Godzilla Team: Let's Go Defender can be created.

If completed the company would be handed too Spinachiskwl as Chairwomen, of Universal Sentra, while 2091riveraisrael still reducts his role with The Project, which is now indeed to be Universal Sentra's company Parent.


Chair People

Third Party Developer

Games Developed

Names of Developed Projects... Year Completed...
1. New Godzilla Team: Let's Go Defender TBA
2. United Nazi War Video Game TBA
3Field Hill Recon TBA
4. UNW: Region Conquer TBA
5. New Godzilla Team: Sensation TBA
6. D.C. Purge TBA
7. PROJECT Smashdown TBA
8. Cross Racers TBA
9. Crystal Fighter TBA
10. Valor of War TBA
11. Valor of War: Frontal Warfare TBA
12. The Blitz TBA
13. Valor of War: Beyond the Nazi Curtain TBA
14. Valor of War: The Great Crusade TBA
15. War of Sorrow TBA
16. Valor of War: Aerial Attack TBA
17. Valor of War: New England Assault TBA
18. Morphus TBA
19. UNW Regional Warfare TBA
20. Cross Country Derby TBA
21. Invader TBA
22. Resistance is Futile TBA
23. Star Racing TBA
24. Death Roran TBA
25. Death Roran II TBA
26. Mega Jusakia TBA
27. Crash Bandicoot: Betrayal of Dark Crash TBA
28. Roharous & LEE Overland TBA
29. Panamala Lion Roran TBA
30. Monstous Disaster TBA
31. Star Racer TBA
32. CRATER Squadron TBA
33. CRATER Squadron II Valor of War TBA
34. CRATER Squadron III Skies of Sorrow TBA
35. U-505 TBA
36. Crash Bandicoot Cortex Island TBA