Chaos Occupied Tombstone
Manufactured: 2014 (Developed in Halo 2)
Arthur: Bungie
  • Destroyed City
  • Tomb
Game: Halo 2
Vehicles: Unknown
Fate: Unknown...
Class: Formal Matchmaking Map
Halo Region: New Mombasa




The map is an abandoned Earth territory and has many cranes and such scattered about. Tombstone features a similar weapon set as Hang 'Em High. Tombstone spawning weapons are unique in two ways; It is the only map where the primary spawning weapon is the Battle Rifle, and it is the only map to have two starting weapons, the Battle Rifle and the M7/Caseless Submachine Gun. The map features two Overshields, both of which are located on adjacent locales on the map, one in the canal at the bottom of the map, and the other across the map from the first, inside the control room. A M19 SSM Rocket Launcher lies in the canal, opposite of the Overshield.

An Energy Sword spawns on a platform at the top of the map, and the only way to reach it is by running across a long bridge that is completely exposed to sniper fire from almost anywhere on the map. Despite its power, the sword often spends entire matches untouched simply because it is too risky to retrieve.

The large crane in the middle and center of the map sports a Sniper Rifle on top of it. Also, very clever players will get the Sniper Rifle and the Energy Sword, making them even tougher. There are also far more Shotguns scattered across the map than there are in Hang 'Em High.