Sky City
Sky City Skyline
Manufactured: 2015 (Developed in Halo 4)
  • 2091riveraisrael
  • II R II Apple7
  • Sea
  • Islands beyond the Kill Barriers
  • Master Chief Collection
    • Halo 4
Vehicles: None at the Moment
Fate: Invaded by Chaos destroyed and left in ruins until Liberation in the final weeks of the Moderation War...
Class: Forge Constructed City
Halo Region: Requim
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Sky Citywas a Forge constructed city, that was created by both 2091riveraisrael and II R II Apple7.

The map was created on Forge Island in Halo 4, and was widely known to be a basic slayer and Capture the flag kind of map, but the events of the Moderation War eventually reduced Sky City into a wasteland, and further prevented the Map Forge City, from ever being used by Xbox Live players.



City Sectors

Red Ave

Neutral Town

Blue Pier



  • Sky City was meant to replace Reaves, after the crash of 2091riveraisreal's Xbox 360 in the year 2014, where his halo 4 cd has since then remained trapped inside the system...
    • Although it is left unknown if 2091 plans to replace Reaves City, but it is most likely that he may reconstruct the map again in the Master Chief Collection...
    • This prediction was later proven correct, as Reaves was constructed again on the Master Chief Collection by 2091riveraisreal in the fall of 2015, on December 22nd...
  • Sky City was the largest city map ever to be constructed by 2091riveraisreal...