Reaves Skirmish
Reaves Skirmish
Date: December 6th, 2015
Conflict: Moderation War
Status: Sage Victory...
  • Seven Sages break Violetkitten201 out of Reaves...
  • Violetkitten reunites with her father SierraFighter007...
  • Chaos reinforce Reaves...
  • Condemned commences counter attacks around Halo's 4 and 2...
Server: Reaves
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Skirmish of Reaves was a strategic event in the Moderation War that occurred 3 Months after the Viral Invasion, where the Forge World city of Reaves located in the Cavern section of one of the Erosion map Servers in Halo 4. The engagement was fought in the ruins of the once Forge created city, between the Seven Sages and Chaos for strategic possession of Violetkitten, who had been stranded for 4 days in the server, after a failed attack on December 2nd.

The raid on the ruined forge city was a success after the Six Sages were able to escape the ruined city with Violetkitten201, eventually moving her to a safer place.

The Sages then proceeded to hit the heart of Chaos about 16 days later on December 22nd 2015 at Hell Server, at that very moment, Reaves was attacked a second time, and Liberated by MLG Gamers thus eliminating Chaos permanently from the Erosion server of Halo 4's Forge maps.