Shadow Network Incident
Rise of Darkness
Date: September 31st 2015 - October 4th, 2015
  • Microsoft declares 4 of Halo 4's map servers a Stage 8 Catastrophe...
  • Condemnation is allowed Access to Xbox Live...
  • FoxTrot fragged from Xbox Live Network...
  • 19 Unidentified players fragged from the server...
  • Viral Day begins...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Shadow Network Incident was a 4 day event which occurred prior to Viral Day, in the year 2015 that began on September 31st, 2015 where the A.I spawned virus Condemnation grew out of control throughout the Dark Network, and began to spread to Xbox Live gaming network, infecting at least 4 maps on Halo 4's Matchmaking servers.

The incident left at least, 19 players fragged from the Server, where Microsoft would later declare the maps infected by Condemned, to be the Shadow Network, and assigned four Major League gamers, who were known to be their own clan called FoxTrot, to inspect the infected servers on Halo 4.

Though with valiant efforts, to try and remove the infected virus, FoxTrot accidentally activates Condemnation's spawning sequence and allows the virus to spawn an entire Army of A.I's to attack and Invade the Xbox Live Server.

FoxTrot was fragged during the final day of the incident about 3 minutes before Viral Day on October 4th, 2015.

Prior to the Events

The Incident

Post Shadow Network


  • The Shadow Network Incident, takes place in the small Mini series "Before the Storm", a Prequel Mini Series created and Developed by PLATNIUMskulls90, to serve as a direct Prequel leading to the events of Virtual Conflict...