Seven Sages
Seven Sage Emblem
Spawned: October 5th, 2015
Creator: Seven Xbox Live Players
Power Size: 7
Head Quarters:
Months Active: October - December, 2015
Occupation: Xbox Live resistance rebellion group against Chaos...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Seven Sages commonly referred to as either SS, or Moderation Warlords were known as the main protagonist group in the Machinima Virtual Conflict: Rise of Chaos featuring seven surviving players who were known to have missed the Chaos Invasion of the Xbox Live System at the time due to being in several different servers during the opening hours of the Moderation War.

Formed after the Battle of StandOff, the Seven Sages, played a vital role in the Moderation War, and was also best known for their heroic actions against Chaos that turned the tides of the network war on the Xbox Live server.

The group went down in history as the first players in the history of gaming to not only access restricted servers of Xbox Live, but also posses in game software, that would eventually lead them to becoming the first gamers to ever grant their Halo avatars and vehicles access the Deep Web, allowing them to leave the Xbox live gaming networks, marking this the biggest historical hack for the history of online gaming.

The group disbanded on December 31st 2015 after the destruction of Condemned, and the Moderation war ended that same day on New Years Eve in 2015.


Moderation War

Call of Duty Crisis

20190131195132 1

The Seven Sages during the Battle of Operation Cobra during the Call of Duty Crisis while fighting on Call of Duty WWII, on October 1st, 2022...

Noble Units

A skilled swordsman, mostly valored by Team Blue during the Landfall Event of 2015, and one of the major veterans of the Matchmaking championship. PLATNIUMskull90, possess the gifts of swordsmanship and stealth attacks, with an Energy Sword. Also wielding a Covenant Beam Rifle, PLATNIUMskull90 is accounted as the second sniper of the Seven Sages, and is also known to be the best at both close range and long range attacks.

Despite RagingSun6989's weakness being of close range attacks, PLATNIUMskull90 was able to plow through an entire Chaos army during the Battle of StandOff until his sword ran out of energy. It is discovered that PLATNIUMskull90, is the main leader of scouting missions, as he often informs fellow sniper and Xbox Live friend, RagingSun6989 on what to do on Stealth attacks...

A veteran of the Landfall Event from Team Blue, RagingSun6989, is best known for his skills with both the Covenant Carbine and Human Sniper Rifle, a skilled marksman of the Seven Sages. He is mostly known for having to kill endless counts of Chaos from a far distance, through the Sniper Rifle or Carbine. During the Moderation War, RagingSun6989 like PLATNIUMskull90 was often left on the side lines to provide cover for those who are effective at close range, while at the same time guard a strategic point from a Chaos Counter Attack.

Sun also is shown to be very useful in scouting servers around Xbox Live alongside PLATNIUMskull90, but lacks stealth attacks. Despite being an expert player for both Long and medium range attacks, RisingSun has shown difficulty against close frontal based attacks, including Melee.

Aeons Windspear
Aeons Windspear, a devoted Xbox Live gamer since 2007, serves a valiant role in the Seven Sages as a jack-of-many-trades.

He is skilled in the use of many weapons, and, as a pilot, is well trained in the use of every vehicle. He is also as skilled a computer expert as StealthStrike280, but with less focus compared to the two. A noble warrior and humble man of faith, hope and fury, Aeons is known for many victorious battles, such as the Landfall event, where he became one of the official veterans of the event, alongside PLATNIUMskull90, and RagingSun6989.

One of the many reasons he fights in this war is finding justice for every player who was fragged from Xbox Live, but he tends to fight the hardest when it involves people he cares about the most.

Windspear Halo 3 look
The main noble leader of the Seven Sages, StealthStrike280, valiantly guided all six in experienced players during the Chaotic Moderation War on Xbox Live. Having to never given up before during a previous experience he had lost everyone on his friends list during Viral Day, became protective of his Xbox Live friends, and promised to end the war with Chaos, which would later become the main cause on how he became a leader.

Apart from his terrible past, StealthStrike, is an expert in medium range guns such as the Battle Rifle, and DMR, and also holds a noble gift in hacking and computer upgrades, which would become the main key to the Seven Sage's main survival during the Moderation War with Condemned.

Aeons' good friend in Missouri, Overlord serves as the teams Rifleman, adept at using Battle Rifles, Assault Rifles, and DMR Rifles. Despite harboring a fav of Human weaponry, Overlord also prefers Forerunner guns too as during the final month of the war, he is shown to be wielding both a Light Rifle, and Suppressor. BJLTheOverlord
ShadowNinja2788 serves as the team's heavy gunner & demolitions expert, specializing in the usage of turret-based guns from the human Chain Gun to the Covenant Plasma Cannon, and explosive weapons like the Covenant Fuel Rod Gun and grenades.  GoldenFangiIi Halo 2 Look



Halo 2-3 Servers

  • 2 Wraiths - (Status: Destroyed after Fall of Sand Box, 30 hours after Viral Day, 10 hours after Battle of StandOff.)
  • 4 Banshees - (Status: Survived Halo 2, and Halo 3, Chaotic Invasions, still active even after Chaos Occupation of SandBox, constantly used in Attacks against Chaos Servers.)
  • 1 Hornet - (Status: Survived Halo 2, and Halo 3 Chaotic Server Invasions until evacuation from SandBox where it was shot down as a Falcon over Forge Fortress, in Halo Reach's Forge World Server.)
  • 1 Warthog Gauss - (Status: Destroyed after Fall of SandBox 30 hours after Viral Day, 10 hours after Battle of StandOff.)

Halo Reach Server

  • 4 Banshees - (Status: Formaly Halo 2-3 Banshee's that survived the Fall of SandBox, Banshee's are curently being used as an Aerial Gurrilla Attack against Halo Reach, until the Break out of November 7th.)
  • 1 Falcon - (Status: The former Hornet, that was changed after Order had entered the Halo Reach Servers following the ecacuation of SandBox 30 hours after Viral Day, and 10 hours after Battle of Stand Off, Destroyed while over Forge Fortress.)

Halo Wars

  • 4 Banshees - (Status: Surviving Banshees from Halo 3, coded into Halo Wars during the Halo Wars Theater to provide support for the ground Sages..)
  • 1 Hornet - (Status: Taken from FORGE Fortress, and somehow coded to be used during the Halo Wars Campaign...)

Halo 2 Anniversary Server

  • 1 Forge constructed Dropship - (Status: Destroyed as of November 18th, 2015, shot down by an unidentified Chaos Entity, while attempting to escape Nebula, with a single captured Chaos tank, that was collected from the Dark Shadow debris field.)
  • 4 Banshees - (Status: Pulled from Halo 3 with the use of a specially designed virtual storage system located in Windspear's developer's system and is currently used as the only surviving Seven Sage vehicles that survived Sandbox's fall on October 15th, 2015...)
  • New Hornet - (Status: salvaged from FORGE Fortress as a Falcon, following the destruction of the first one during the escape from Halo 3...)
  • 1 Chaotic Scorpion - (Status: Obtained from the ruins of Chaos Carrier Dark Shadow, transported away by STEEL, eventually took part in the assault on Zanzibar, stored away on Order Island as a part of the Seven Sage Arsenal...)
  • 3 Wraiths - (Status: Two of these Wraiths were placed down in forge mode, while 1 is known to be RisingSun90777's official Wraith that was salvaged from the classic Halo 2 Map Terminal.)
  • 1 New Replacement Dropship - (Status: Constructed by RisingSun90777 in replacement for STEEL, and used during the remainder of the War against Chaos, as both a dropship, and ground support gunship, it was eventually handed down to the White Sky Ryders following the end of the Moderation War in early 2017, after Shadow Ocean had coded in their Phantom Dropships...)

Halo 4 Server

  • 4 Banshees - (Status: )
  • Warthog Rocket - (Status: )
  • 6 Wraith - (Status: )
  • 1 Mantis - (Status: )


Halo Games

Assault Rifle
3/3 Assault Rifle 2011
DMR Rifle
2/2 Designated Marksman Rifle
3/3 H4 needler trans
2/2 M90 Shotgun (Torch Side)
1/1 H4 scattershot trans
Concussion Rifle
1/1 H4 concussion trans
Focus Rifle
1/1 Focus Rifle Cropped
Plasma Repeater
2/2 Plasma Repeater
Needle Rifle
1/1 HReach-T31NeedleRifleSide
Plasma Rifle & Brute Plasma Rifle
2/2 Halo Reach-Plasma Rifle
1/1 H3-BruteMauler-transparent
Covenant Carbine
1/1 CovenantCarbine-Sidecrop-transparent
Fuel Rod Cannon
1/1 HaloReach-FuelRodGun-Profile
Battle Rifle
3/3 H5G Render BattleRifle
1/1 H5G Render SAW
Spartan Laser
1/1 H4 splaser trans
M41 Rocket Launcher
1/1 H4 rocket trans
2/2 H3-M7SMG-LeftSide
Energy Sword
1/1 H4 sword trans
Sniper Rifle
1/1 Reach MPBeta Sniper2
Beam Rifle
1/1 Halo Beam Rifle
Binary Rifle
1/1 H4 binary trans

Call of Duty Games

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... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
Trench Gun
... [[File:|200px]]
Browning Automatic Rifle
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
Lee Enfield
... [[File:|200px]]
... [[File:|200px]]
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  • The Seven Sages were known as the first major protagonists faction to ever take part in an actual war on the Xbox Live Server against a computer animated supervirus...
  • The Seven Sages, were originally planned to be called the Spar Seven, but Machinima creator 2091riveraisrael, decided to scrap the idea as it appeared to be too casual, and since then switched the protagonist name to the Seven Sages, suggesting that it sounds more heroic, then its previous name...
    • Though another name was in use of the Seven Sages, but the name Order, was never officially used due to it being too confusing, but one of the maps on the Halo games that are created by 2091riveraisreal, are named after this scrapped idea, that was known as Order Island...
  • The Seven Sages are the first group of gamers to leave the Xbox Live Server, and enter parts of different networks during the final hours of the Moderation War, such as the Pandora Network, and the Dark Network...