Seven Sage Banshee
Manufactured: 2015 (Appears in Virtual Conflict)
Creator: 2091riveraisrael
Occupation: Ground Support Craft
  • Plasma Cannons
  • Fuel Rod Rockets
Fate: All 4 Banshees Survive the entire Moderation War, disappears during Post War years, except for one, that took part in the Clan Crisis...
Vehicle Class: Banshee
Model Class: Classic Halo 2 and 3 Banshees
Class: Halo based vehicle

The Seven Sage Banshees also known as The 4 Sage Banshees or The Banshee Sages were four Banshees that were spawned and used by four members of the Seven Sages during the Moderation War, before, during and after the Fall of Sandbox.

These Banshees were known as the Seven Sage Banshees as they had managed to survive every engagement against Chaos, rather in the sky, Space or on the ground, revealing them to be the only known vehicle to survive the whole Moderation War.

In 2017, the Seven Sage Banshees were never shown flying together, but out of the four, one was shown to have still been used by Formal Sage RagingSun6989 during the Clan Crisis, but the three other Banshee's fates were left unknown as they were never shown during the Crisis, it was possible that they may have been deleted, or merged into the Air force of Shadow Ocean in 2016.


Prior to Moderation War

The Moderation War

Post War

Clan Crisis