Ruined Reaves
Ruined Reaves
Established: October 4th, 2015
Termination: December 22nd, 2015
Arthur: 2091riveraisrael
  • Caves
  • Man made Structures
  • Swamps
Game: Halo 4
  • 1 Scorpion Tank
  • 1 Warthog
  • 1 Wraith
Fate: Attacked Twice, Liberated by December 22nd, 2015..
Class: Forge Constructed City
Halo Region: Eudemon X49-05

Ruined Reaves also known as Chaos Occupied Reaves was the shattered wasteland remains of the once Forge City Reaves after the events of Viral Day, on one of the partially destroyed Halo 4 maps of Erosion.

The City had remained dead of all Xbox Live Players for 2 months, until it was hit by a Moderator attack on December 2nd, of 2015, the attack was repulsed stranding the young Violetkitten201 in the city due to firewall, while the rest of the Moderators were forced to retreat.

Violet remained hidden on the Map until the Seven Sages arrived 4 days later on December 6th of that same year, where the group was able to break her out from the server.

The Ruins of Reaves was eventually attacked a second time while the Sages were attacking Hell Server, and was liberated by a group of Major league Gamers on December 22nd, 2015.