Manufactured: 2014 (Developed in Halo 4)
Arthur: 2091riveraisrael
  • Caves
  • Man made Structures
  • Swamps
Game: Halo 4
  • 1 Scorpion Tank
  • 1 Warthog
  • 1 Wraith
Fate: Invaded and destroyed by Chaos, Liberated by Xbox Players 3 Months later...
Class: Forge Constructed City
Halo Region: Eudemon X49-05

Reaves was a forge constructed map, that was created by RagingSun6989, during the Pre-Moderation War Era in the year 2014. Designed for matchmaking, Reaves was often used by multiple gamers for either capture the flag, Dominion, or Team Slayer, the forge made city however was destroyed from heavy fighting during Viral Day, eventually turing the city into a wasteland, where it would eventually be renamed, Ruined Reaves.

The ruins Reaves would remain under Chaos control for 3 months, until its Liberation on December 22nd, 2015.


Pre-Moderation War

Viral Day

Ruined Reaves

Post Moderation War


City Sectors

Blue Sector

Red Sector



  • Reaves was first constructed by 2091riveraisrael in the year 2014, but was erased from existence after the crash of 2091's Xbox 360 in the summer of 2015, the city since then had been scrapped and replaced by Sky City, up until December 22nd, of that same year, where 2091riveraisrael recreated Reaves on the Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One...
    • However unlike its Xbox 360 counterpart, the Xbox One's version was shown to be much larger and more detailed then the first city, and was also forged in a different Layout then the first...
  • Reaves was the first official city map, to be constructed by 2091riveraisrael on Halo 4, before Sky City in 2015...
  • Unlike Sky City, Reaves was shown to be much smaller, and tighter, this maybe because of it being the first Forge City ever developed by 2091riveraisrael...
  • Despite being the first City map ever forged, it was also the first map to represent destruction of a War torn Environment, by 2091riveraisrael...