Account RagingSun6989
Account Created: October 21st, 2014
Former Team Color: Blue (During both the Landfall & Slyline Events)
Armor Color:
  • Blue & Purple Landfall Event - Moderation War
  • Blue & Red Final Weeks of Moderation War
  • Blue & Black Halo 5 & Clan Crisis Era
Gender: Male
  • Elite Halos 2, 3, and Reach
  • Spartan Halo 4 & 5
Faction: Seven Sages
Property of: The PROJECT Corporation
Armor Ability: Jetpack
Arsenal Most Used:
Status: Online
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

RagingSun6989 also known as Sun is known as one of the main protagonists created by 2091riveraisrael that was one of the main surviving players of Xbox Live following the Chaos Invasion and booting of several million players worldwide from the network, and is also one of the Veterans who took part in the Landfall Event, one month before the Moderation War.

He and six other Players on Xbox Live that survived the Chaos Invasion, were the key players on bringing down Chaos, and allowing Bungie and several other Video Game Developers to regain control of the Server and un-ban players worldwide who lost their accounts to the Chaos Invasion.

RagingSun6989, following the events of the post-Moderation War Era, then went to form a clan in order to allow players to defend themselves in the future in hopes of preventing a second Virial Day, but the event backfires when an old nemesis of his eventually stalks Tanya Bladedancer and eventually forces him and the rest of his clan to launch a full scale attack on innocent players, including Tanya Bladedancer.


Gaming Origin

RagingSun6989, known to be a gamer since 1993 up to '94, has evolved around video games since the release of the Playstation and Nintendo 64, until he eventually grew interested and attached to the Xbox 360 in the year 2007.

Despite having the Xbox 360 for several years, RagingSun6989, never took a liking to Xbox Live, during the early years he had while playing the 360, until the year 2010, when he eventually found out that he would require Xbox Live in order to play certain games, which uses the network in order to work.

RagingSun6989, eventually received the Xbox One in 2014, and finally joined the world of gaming in October of that same year in the early fall of 2014. He eventually grew to like online gaming, and began to curse himself out for, not bothering to create an account 7 years ago in 2007.

Though a veteran of the Xbox 360, RagingSun, despite being on the Network for a year, had no idea how certain features worked, and would often have to rely on friends, in order to give him a hand with certain functions on the Xbox Live network.

However despite his weakness in certain functions on Xbox Live, he would continue to harbor his mastery at Forge construction and had even managed to wow several players on his war map creations. However in September of 2015, RagingSun then took part of the Landfall Event that same month in late September, where he and his team composing mostly of players Aeons Windspear, PLATNIUMskull90, StealthStrike280, and Sharpshooter369 on blue team and once again came out victorious against Red Team, where the all of them were declared veterans of the Landfall Event.

By October 1st, 2015, RagingSun was paid a visit while forging on the Halo 3 Map Orbital by Aeons Windspear and Tanya Bladedancer, where the trio became very close, to the point that both he and Windspear defended her against a female group of bullies known as the Tiger's Talons.

For about several weeks RisingSun and Windspear would later train Tanya into handling herself well on Xbox Live where he mostly mastered her with the use of long range guns, eventually she participated in a custom game against the two of them and won, pleasing both RagingSun and Aeons Windspear until later she, Windspear, RagingSun and STLproud2serve7 took part in the Skyline event on October 3rd, 2015 as part of Blue Team and came out victorious where she was declared an official Xbox Live warrior by RisingSun that same night.

After the Skyline Event, RagingSun went back to forging, until the events of Viral Day occurred a day later on October 4th, 2015.

Viral Day

First contact with Chaos

RagingSun6989, came under attack by invading Chaos forces, while forging on one of his maps, called Roar Star, until a Chaos forge made siege ship spawned itself into the map and invaded the server. RagingSun was able to repel several boarding attacks, due to the large quality of firearms that the Roar Star possessed, until a Scorpion was teleported into the ship's interiors forcing RisingSun to exit the map, which thankfully he had managed to succeed, for he would have been fragged if he had not conducted such an action.

RagingSun then spawned himself on Sandbox in Halo 3, where he tried to report the attack to the Network, only to discover that no one was online, except for a minor amount of people where he witnessed several hundreds being dropped at a fast pace on his friends list.

Eventually, RagingSun sent out an urgent message to all of his friends calling for help, but the only one who was able to come to him at Sandbox would be Tanya Bladedancer, as Aeons Windspear and PLATNIUMskull90 was offline at the time, and the remainder of his friends were fighting against the Chaos Invasion along side Xbox Live administrators.

Attempting to Survive Viral Day

After departing Sandbox with Tanya Bladedancer, the group came under attack in the Halo 3 map Longshore, where the map was previously over run by Chaos just minutes before their arrival, but the two had managed to kill a large amount of Chaos soldiers until they began to overrun the duo, forcing each one to leave the game.

PLATNIUMskull90 eventually came back online after hearing about the situation concerning Xbox Live, and met up with the two on Halo 3's Map Orbital.

The group eventually received a message from Microsoft urging all remaining Xbox Live Players to join the moderators at Assembly, as the Halo 3 section of Xbox Live was being overrun with Chaos A.I's.

PLATNIUMskull90, had managed to accept the invite sent by Bungie but a power surge had occurred at his house shortly after and shut off his system; booting him from the server, leaving only RagingSun6989 and Tanya Bladedancer to arrive at Assembly.

Around 2 hours after arriving at Assembly, RagingSun eventually consulted with Tanya Bladedancer, who at this time was getting extremely worried about Aeons Windspear, as he had not been present at all during Viral Day and was scared that he may have been fragged like all the other players, in which RisingSun insisted that he was not.

"Don't worry so much, Tanya. If anyone could make it to help us when we would least expect it, it's Windspear."

His predictions would soon prove correct as Windspear eventually arrived at Assembly, where he learned of the event through the news. As Aeons & Tanya became very close, RagingSun was constantly making his way around Assembly, interacting with other players, until a shot was heard and a Chaos sniper was killed, initiating the Battle of Assembly Forge.

Battle of ASSEMBLY

RagingSun6989, eventually joined the defense of the Map, as he commonly held the high ground and was among one of the defenders on the wall, while firing away with both a Covenant Carbine, and Sniper rifle at the climbing Chaos forces appearing from beyond the barrier of the map, preventing many from crossing over into the map.

Though the first wave was repelled, a second more stronger wave eventually attacked the map from all around, making the defense nearly impossible, at that same time Scorpion tanks were spawned onto the platforms outside the map and began a massive barrage of the entire Assembly map, fragging 10 players and moderators, Hornet attack flyers then spawned into the server and began to harass the defenders from above, eventually causing panic all over the map.

As Assembly was being overrun, RagingSun6989 eventually met back up with Aeons Windspear and Tanya Bladedancer as they were looking for a way to escape the Server, until Chaos forces eventually attacked and forced RisingSun to divert away from the duo and cover them from the high ground, it was from here, that RagingSun would witness the fragging of Tanya Bladedancer, who sacrificed herself to keep Aeons Windspear in the game.

With one clear shot, RagingSun6989 killed the sniper that was off Map, and prevented the A.I from clipping a horrified & stunned Aeons Windspear. He was then able to escape ASSEMBLY as the map was overrun with the grieving Windspear, where the two eventually spawned in the Halo 3 Map Relic, where him and Windspear were successfully able to liberate Sharpshooter369 from getting fragged by Chaos when he was trapped on the ledge overlooking the oceanic abyss down below.

RagingSun6989 then escaped with the help of Aeons Windspears main developers console in his house, where the trio were successfully able to escape Relic, but unfortunately the trio instead of arriving on another Halo 3 map, were sent instead to Tombstone on Halo 2.

Tombstone & End of Viral Day

RagingSun6989 along with Aeons Windspear and Sharpshooter369, arrived outside the boundaries of the map Tombstone in Halo 2, where the group had attempted to slowly and cautiously try to make their way through the background in hopes of finding the Tombstone map.

The group managed to engage in small fire fights with Chaos patrols, but was hopefully not able to alert the whole map yet.

About 10 minutes into their hike through the destroyed city background, the trio eventually stops to see several Chaos fortifications being constructed on the roof tops, RagingSun, Windspear and STLproud2serve7 were able to successfully enter the background building with the help of break in spawning and destroy one of the Chaos unidentified turrets located at the top of the structure.

Despite this small victory for the trio, the group eventually sees Tombstone located not far away and eventually realized that the building they were standing on was in fact the very building that is just 20 feet from the map barrier itself.

The trio successfully enter Tombstone with the help of a Spawn jump that was left behind by Chaos, where not long after they make their way through the Chaos controlled map.

The group are successful in arriving down inside one of the main structures where they later discover the emblem of Choas, and that the A.I military are no longer from video game standards, along with the map which also revealed Tombstone and several Chaos outposts located outside the boundaries of the map.

Unfortunately, the sounds of fighting erupting from deep outside the map boundaries caught the attention of all three Xbox Live players where they quickly stepped out and noticed several Hornets and Falcons racing through the sky towards the east side of the background section of the map where lights were flashing and gun fire was heard, the map was temporarily cleared of all Chaos presence allowing the trio to gather more information on this common new enemy, but were forced to abandon the map when the fighting coming from deep within the background ceased and Chaos returned, with both infantry, a Falcon, and an artillery barrage on the map.

Though the group was able to escape, they instead landed on another map behind Chaos lines, where they eventually spawned in at District.

Moderation War

Post Viral Day

Trapped in Halo 2

As RagingSun, Aeons Windspear, and Sharpshooter369, managed to escape Tombstone, RagingSun6989 attempted to try and get the group to spawn in Sandbox, but instead, Condemnation tampered with the coding, and instead sent the trio into Chaos occupied Halo 2, where the group was scattered and trapped.

Having to spawn at District, RagingSun6989 eventually after wandering around alone in the destroyed ruined map, was successfully able to regroup with Aeons Windspear, next to a 2 story structure, where they eventually ventured around and later discovered the horrors of Viral Day, which had ended just 2 hours ago. Having to be horrified from learning about being the last players on Xbox Live, RagingSun6989 had believed that him and Windspear, would also fall victim to the Virus, but believed otherwise, as he was mostly horrified on how over 65,000,000 gamers world wide were shunned from the Network in just one day.

After learning about District's fall from the help of Specially developed Microsoft developers consoles which were disguised as normal Halo 2 video game campaign decorative background crates, Windspear and RagingSun6989 narrowly avoid a booby trap in the maps parking structure, during their investigation, but managed to successfully locate and regroup with Sharpshooter369, unfortunately, the three were later found and ambushed by Chaos patrols, where the three were forced to take a stand back at the two story building, until Aeons Windspear could successfully break through the Chaos fire wall and despawn everyone.

After escaping District, the two had hoped to return to a Halo 3 map server, but instead were once again intercepted and spawned instead on the Halo 2 map Terminal, where the three had attempted to look around hoping to grab some more info on Chaos, the group were once again attacked, by Chaos patrols including an Artillery Barrage, but the three were once again able to hold out by remaining indoors, despite the structure they were in being destroyed.

It was on this very map that RagingSun6989 had located a Wraith that was still intact, and would unknown to him be his future owned tank. Despite having to have been trapped inside the Wraith for a few minutes due to a Chaos firewall, Aeons Windspear was able to break the code and allow RagingSun to roam freely with the tank, while getting in and out without having to worry about getting fragged.

Unfortunately during this time, after Aeons Windspear had managed to secure a Warthog, from the ruins of the once garage structure on Terminal, a second Chaos Artillery bombardment occurred on the map, eventually forcing the trio to escape by entering the railway tunnel of terminal, where Windspear despawned them with the vehicles. Hoping to enter Sandbox, once again the group is spawned off course and once again are sent to a Halo 2 map, this time at Turf.

The trio once again slowly made their way through the dead ruined map, only to discover that Turf's damage rate was worst then District's and was also infested with several Hell Servers, while at the same time finding out that the Microsoft was on the verge of pulling the plug on Xbox Live, Aeons Windspear, at a first attempt tried to contact Microsoft through Xbox Live Messenger, while RagingSun6989 covered the alleyway, but the message was intercepted before it could be finished, where Chaos eventually swarmed the streets from all sides causing another heavy firefight.

RagingSun6989 had attempted to escape the attack, but were unsuccessful, however the trio despite being pinned down fro Chaos forces while at the same time dodging Artillery strikes, were eventually cornered on the Street where the fixed UNSC Barrack is, were soon aided by Overlord, who at the time was trapped in the region, and were once again able to escape the map, this time with Overlord's guidance by entering through the destroyed Scarab and escaping the map, by foot.

RisingSun with his three other friends, were once again dropped off course and this time landed at Headlong. RagingSun6989 along with his other three friends, no longer encountered any Chaos forces on the map except for the main garrison that was stationed on it when they arrived, had managed to locate at least 3 Banshees out on the map, which contractually was completely destroyed, the ocean view was gone with nothing more but a void of coding in its place, RagingSun6989 alongside Aeons Windspear, Sharpshooter369, and Overlord91 all entered a Banshee after find out that the only way to escape the map was to fly out towards the sea, until the kill barrier timer ran out, took off from the Banshees and flew out towards the void, where the timer ran out and he and his friends along side the four Banshees were despawned, and this time the group of friends finally ended up at Sandbox in Halo 3's map server, after several hours of being trapped in Halo 2.

Despite this, Aeons Windspear and RisingSun left Sandbox in order to look for any other players online, while Sharpshooter369 and Overlord kept watch over the server.

AVALANCHE & Regrouping with friends

Despite leaving Sandbox, RagingSun6989 although he doesn't show it, he is still mournful over the loss of Tanya Bladedancer as they spawned on the map AVALANCHE.

The two are grieved and mournful as the two attempt to make unsuccessful small talk with each other, but neither could break the other. The two officially are able to regroup with PLATNIUMskull90 who thankfully was able to get his power back online following its failure hours ago, but he is horrified after learning about the fragging of Tanya Bladedancer, a single word that scars Sun and Windspear even more. Their thoughts are soon interrupted by the sounds of a firefight occurring from deeper into the map, which would eventually cause them to check it out.

RisingSun90777 eventually creeps up to the high grounds along side PLATNIUMskull90 and Aeons Windspear, where the trio eventually witness a battle occurring in the field below the Cliff, where they also notice a large Chaos Army amassed in the background.

Throughout this fight, they notice 2 players under heavy fire and are on the verge of being fragged from the server, and with his sniping skills, RagingSun6989 was able to cover both Windspear and PLATNIUM as they cleared out the Chaos forces on the cliff, sparing the two players who would be identified as StealthStrike280 and Golden Fang ili.

The players are able to break out of the AVALANCHE Server before reinforcements could arrive, and RagingSun spawns the group to his map in Sandbox, where they temporarily used the map as a base of operations.


RagingSun however was eventually tasked by StealthStrike280 in order to infiltrate Chaos held Longshore, in order to try and find out about the defenses located around the Forge map. He was easily inserted by a hacked Dingy that was spawned by StealthStrike280, while moving under the bay, which concealed Sun from all Chaos patrols. He eventually leaped onto the lower dock of the map and began to make his way towards his main objective, located at the main Chaos guard house that was overlooking the harbor, from there he was able to snap a picture of the designs of coding and send it by message to Tdog, where he was then tasked into distracting the Chaos garrison so that pressure would be less on them when they spawn in to attack LONGSHORE.

From this RagingSun6989, to cautiously fight his way back towards the Harbor front, and was successful in delivering a diversionary attack against the Longshore region, by firing two Chaos rocket launchers from both sides of the harbor, against both of the UNSC fixed background ships, destroying them and sending the entire map on High alert in which the garrison of LONGSHORE managed to enter the streets to their doom, where they were all ambushed and attacked by the other five sages who had initially just spawned into the map.

It was from this particular battle, where the Seven Sage name was brought up by RagingSun6989 while at the same time the discovery of the Chaos logo, located on the walls of the occupied map.

New Attacks

Back in Sandbox, while PLATNIUMskull90 is training the 3 of the Sages in the Lair of Sandbox, StealthStrike280, Overlord and RagingSun6989 constantly attempted to try and plan out other attacks against Chaos forces from up on the surface of ground hall, where it was eventually discovered that Chaos was transporting a convoy of Warthogs through the map, and that the vehicles contained a stream of unknown coding.

RagingSun6989 and the rest of the Sages set off to attack the Convoy at NEST, only to watch the coding just disappear into nothing. Sun and the others return to Sandbox hopelessly confused, but after having to become attacked by air power during their previous engagement, StealthStrike280 declares an event on the Sandbox Evacuation platform, where all Sages would fly and battle each other in an aerial warfare simulation.

During the simulation RagingSun manages to down two sages, but is eventually shot down by PLATNIUMskull, and the Hornet crew, declaring them the winners of the practice engagement.

After returning down to ground level, the group heads out to attack one more Chaos held server that was located on the Halo 3 map VALHALLA, where they deliberately destroy an entire Chaos armored battalion on the map VALHALLA.

Fall of Sandbox

2 hours after the six Sages return to Sandbox, they are eventually greeted by a sudden Chaos Invasion of the Server, and are quick to react into the bases defenses.

During the fight, RagingSun was able to pick off large swarms of Chaos forces coming out from the desert, but the sudden arrival of Hornets and Scorpions eventually would force him and the rest of the Sages to abandon the outside defenses and retreat into ground hall where they made a stand in the armory, but were once again forced back, towards the evacuation platform just over the base.

RagingSun6989 and the five other sages made their final stand on the Evacuation platform, as Chaos begins to overrun sandbox, but the sudden shots of a Spartan Laser would catch both PLATNIUMskull90's and RagingSun's attention, Sun is dumbfounded, yet amazed when he sees that Aeons Windspear had survived the entire time, and covers him with the Sniper rifle as PLATNIUM does the same. After reuniting with Windspear on the evacuation platform, the once again Seven Sages, take off in their aerial vehicles and despawned out of Halo 3, and out of Sandbox where from there StealthStrike280, with the use of a special software, the Seven Sages escaped out to Halo Reach.

Trapped In Halo Reach

After arriving into the Halo Reach video game server with the rest of the Seven Sages, RagingSun6989 piloting his Banshee alongside the others were flying past Forge World while at the same time attempting to guard the Falcon crew who was flying closely from behind.

The group's conversation is cut short when a rocket fires from the Forge World cliff side and heavily damages the Falcon, where its Deep web coding began to merge and destroy the crafts codec, causing the transport to lose control and crash onto the Island that faces the sea and cliff Wall of Forge world, forcing Three of the Sages, Aeons Windspear, StealthStrike280, and GoldenFang iIi to climb out and fight off against a huge Chaos attack on the ground, while trying to also survive a Turret located towards their right, that was heavily guarded by Sandbags a Bunker, and rocky formation.

The sudden surprise attack and turn of events eventually forced RagingSun6989 and the remaining four sages in the sky to turn around and provide air support for the Sages. The three sages that were on the ground, mostly being led by StealthStrike280, and Aeons Windspear, were able to escape from the crash site and break through a small hill fortification located on the bigger part of the Island, where they reached the high grounds only to be countered by a Sudden Scorpion that had just pulled out of FORGE Fortress, from the cave entrance.

RagingSun6989 alongside most of the other Banshee Sages attempted to destroy the Scorpion from above, much to no avail, and had literally almost avoided getting shot out of the sky, mostly thanks to Windspear firing a Spartan laser at the vehicle and getting the tanks attention.

The Chaos ground advance from FORGE Fortress was cut short, due to GoldenFang iIi destroying a rocky formation on the Island forcing Chaos to halt its advance against the grounded Sages on the high ground, where at the same time the rocky structure crushed the Chaos Scorpion sparing the Sages from the tank flanking them from the right.

After breaking through the Island defenses, the Three Sages fought their way on the ground through FORGE Fortress while being covered by RagingSun6989 and the rest of the Banshee Sages in the sky, until they escaped the fort by stealing a single Chaos falcon, located in the Main command center overlooking the sea.

RagingSun6989 destroyed a group of Chaos soldiers on the cliff who attempted to destroy the Sages as they took off in the falcon and with that, the Seven Sages despawned and escaped Chaos occupied Forge World.

New Establishments & Attacks

After successfully escaping Halo Reach, StealthStrike280, was quick to mod the Seven Sages during their data transfer through the server in which their Air vehicles were stationed into a specially developed storage software, as the players spawned at Epitaph tower. RagingSun6989 forged the map, and managed to establish the defenses while the other Sages conducted similar tasks or patrolled the hallways.

After establishing a new base of Operations RagingSun6989 was quickly sent out with Overlord91, in an attempt to gather some information on Chaos information around Halo Reach's video game networks, where RisingSun at this time had managed to successfully locate several Chaos outposts located all over the Halo Reach map servers, where not soon afterwards, RagingSun6989 managed to attack Boneyard, the Sages were repelled due to strong Chaos defenses, but were able destroy an antenna relay, temporary cutting of Halo Reach from the rest of the Halo video game servers.

Upon returning to Epitaph, RagingSun6989 and the group also managed to attack a second Chaos outpost on Halo 3 at Construct, where they were successfully able to destroy a Chaos code generator at the top of the structure.

During these one attacks RagingSun6989 is then given patrol duty in order to walk the halls outside Epitaph tower in order to keep an eye out on the desert below, until he is called in by StealthStrike280, in order to discuss a new plan and operation against Chaos, it was from this briefing that the Sages would commence an attack against the Moderator server Spire, despite some protests from a couple of the Sages, due to the fact that Spire was off limits to Xbox Live gamers, and anyone who was caught even trying to enter the spire would be removed from the server instantly, into which a Sage vote was made, RagingSun6989 voted into entering the server alongside Windspear, and Sharpshooter369, while others voted the same thing, and with that like everything else RagingSun6989 was spawned to the map along with the other Sages.

Securing the Spire

Upon entering the spire from the Mountain Side, RagingSun6989, was tasked by StealthStrike280, in order to climb to the high grounds in order to provide Sniper support while PLATNIUMskull90, held another part of the cliff.

As soon as shots from both him and PLATNIUMskull were fired, the Sage attack began and they were successfully able to easily over power Chaos on the hill of the map located on the southern side, where not long after StealthStrike280, spawned in the Wraith that RagingSun6989 had recovered at Terminal several weeks ago, where he entered the tank and provided ground support for the attack, as the Sages were successful in overpowering Chaos all over the map, despite receiving intense fire, and running into Scorpions and Hornets patrolling the skies.

After taking over the ground level of the Spire, the forces of Chaos began to gather their forces all over the ground and upper sections of the Platform, where RisingSun shelled the ground level with the Wraith, but began to receive fire from the upper platform causing him to pull out, however after hiding the Wraith behind the rocks, StealthStrike280 sent the vehicle back into the Storage program and RagingSun continued the battle on foot, which by then the Seven Sages were able to over power the ground portion of the platform and advance upwards through the gravity lifts where they began their assault on the upper platform.

Having to arrived on the top platform last, RagingSun was able to aide out in clearing out Chaos from the upper levels and slaughtering the defenders, where eventually the map was secured and cleared of Chaos forces, however not long after the victory, Aeons Windspear eventually learns that by clearing Chaos out of the map, they were able to break a gap in the Chaos Network firewall, keeping gamers from entering the server, and stated that he would create a special type of antivirus in order to prevent the Firewall from closing again, and that he needed 6 minutes to develop and upload it, at that same time Chaos returned for a counter attack to reclaim the Spire, forcing the Sages to take defensive positions on both the upper and lower platforms.

RisingSun guarded the upper platform with PLATNIUMskull90, picking off Chaos infantry on the ground with a sniper rifle, but the sudden arrival of Chaos Hornets and falcons forced the group to disperse and retreat into the insides where they shot down any Chaos spartans being deployed by Falcons.

After repelling the first boarding attack RagingSun6989 returned back out and continued to provide sniper support.

Unfortunately the battle began to turn against the Sages as Chaos began to deploy more Hornets and Scorpions then infantry, almost resulting in the seven players being lost, until Aeons Windspear activated the anti virus from his developers council eliminating all Chaos forces on the spire and preventing Chaos from ever returning.

Rejoiced, RagingSun6989 joined his celebrated friends on their second big victory against Chaos by shooting his Plasma Rifle.

Assault on High Noon

well at epitaph power the seven sages eventually was able to hear within communications between the chaos battle net of a major strategic site located in Halo reach it was eventually also discovered by Shadow spell that the destruction of this one Outpost could further isolate chaos from the rest of the Halo franchise further preventing them from gaining reinforcements allowing the seven sages to attack reach as much as I feel like it without having to worry about being forced out this would have Bentley call in for a new raid called at the high noon rays.

going in with the plasma launcher in the sniper rifle said the seven sages and Rising sun were able to make their way undetected by spawning into the map section where they spotted in the tunnel area the group were able to fight their way through heavy chaos entrenchments with RagingSun using off the sniper rifle at Walgreens in the plasma launcher at medium range however tanks and hornets began to harass the Seven Sages portion of the temporarily get into cover.

despite this problem the hornets were able to be destroyed by both the Rising sun shadow Ninja Allianz winspear further clearing the skies and allowing the seven stages of getting their ground offencive within a couple of minutes the seven sages were able to fight their way up to the tower which was supposed to be the major hub of high new we're Rising sun shot the antenna and destroyed it with the use of a specially-designed coded plasma blast further serving the ties of Halo reach from the rest of the chaos occupied Halo Network this Victory alone would be the biggest disaster for chaos on the Halo reach occupational forces as this one Victory would eventually affect them by December when Xbox live players would eventually start coming back it was from this very victory that allowed Xbox live players to conquer Halo reach first from chaos in December of 2015.

Blackout Raid

Despite being exhausted due to lack of sleep in the past several weeks, RagingSun6989 was once again chosen by StealthStrike280, in order to take part in a reconnaissance mission with Aeons Windspear, at Chaos controlled Blackout, where it was discovered that tomorrow the Seven Sages would avenge Sandbox and destroy a Chaos fortress. His job along with Aeons Windspears was to locate any possible data or location of a Chaos fortress on Halo 3, then download the data, for it to be processed and selected by StealthStrike280 in order to stage the attack.

RisingSun agreed, but before he and Windspear departed for Blackout, StealthStrike, uploaded a special mod which eliminated the sound noises of both RagingSun and Winspear's load outs, which would give them a strategic advance on the battlefield.

Despite being spawned on Blackout, the duo instead of being spawned on the map itself, instead landed on the Ice field background about 14 miles outside the map's boundaries, forcing the two to cautiously make their way past several Chaos checkpoints patrolling Spartans and several Hornets watching from the skies, having to kill a few Chaos forces on the ground, RagingSun6989 and Windspear were able to successfully reach the map and climb up to the map thanks to the help of an Elevator that was on the bottom of the rig, that was animated by Aeons Windspears special animation mod, uploaded from his developers console.

Reaching the Station, Windspear and RagingSun were able to make their way through the map, using Stealth tactics, before Windspear discovered a hidden Chaos weapons chamber located under the map, the duo were almost spotted by a Chaos Patrolling Hornet, but were able to dodge it temporarily, before locating the main terminal room, in the lower part of the map. While searching fro data, RagingSun6989 guarded the entrance to the room, until Windspear picked up data on Chaos fortress Viral located at High ground, he immediately began downloading the data, but just he finished his transfer to his Developers console, RagingSun then joined in the data gathering, only to discover that Chaos possess an Underwater attack carrier called Ice Breaker, in which he also downloaded this information too, however the communication line to the Chaos network was cut, and the map went on full lock down, causing RagingSun6989 and Aeons Windspear to fight their way out, until getting trapped on the roof of the map, and getting pinned down by a Hornet.

Despite taking multiple shots at it, the Duo were unable to destroy or even damage the ship, and were then forced to jump down off the map, onto the icy fields below, where they raced off and out of the map's boundaries, the two were eventually cornered on the fields as they took up cover behind an arced piece of ice and began to hold off countless waves of Chaos forces until the other 5 Sages arrived to support and reinforce them.

The Sages then attempted to try and hold their ground until StealthStrike280 could activate the despawn code, however the sudden earth shake vibrations of something under the map's art drawn ocean, where a large ship like vehicle broke the surface almost crushing the Seven Sages and forcing them to scatter in several different areas, RagingSun6989 struggled to find the rest of the Sages, but was horrified to see the Size of the ship, however he was found by STLproud2serve and was led to the rest of the Sages only for him to see the Ship fire what appeared to be missle like projectiles from two of its side cannons, which looked to be Torpedo Tubes.

The homing torpedo like missiles almost wiped out the 4 of the Sages with one rocket, but the second one was unable to attack them because StealthStrike280 was able to activate the Despawn software and escape the server before the last torpedo struck.

Battle of Viral Fortress

The day after the Blackout Raid, RagingSun6989 and the rest of the Sages began their vengeful offensive against Chaos, at High Ground, where he spawned on the map inside of his Wraith, in the middle of the Ocean hovering on the surface of the water where they conducted a beach landing on the Shoreline with the use of a special Amphibious mod, giving to his Wraith, where he piloted the tank up the beach until it reached Fort Viral on the high grounds, where he managed to crush several Chaos positions with plasma mortar shots, while the other six Sages advanced on the ground.

Arriving at the Fortress gates, RagingSun6989 held his ground shelling the fort from the inside, while the Sages invaded the fort in order to open the gate and allow him to advance the tank through the wall. With the help of a special resize mod that was developed by Aeons Windspear, RagingSun was able to fit the Wraith through the gate and continue to support the attack until Chaos Leader Bartholomew2472 arrived on the field with a Scorpion confronting him.

A massive tank engagement began with RagingSun Pounding the Scorpion in the Wraith, while StealthStrike280 spawned in extra invulnerability to the Tank's armor in hopes of it holding out against the Chaos tank. As the rest of the Chaos soldiers are killed, the other Sages join in on aiding RagingSun6989 against Bartholomew, at first the Battle seems to go nowhere, until RisingSun used a boost against the Chaos tank damaging Bartholomew, and allowing him to swerve around the Scorpion and hit it from behind damaging the vehicle and setting it on fire, he eventually pulls the Wraith in reverse as the Scorpion shoots the Wraith dead on in the cockpit area, but thanks to the mod given to him by Windspear, he was spared from damage or sudden death. With one last plasma mortar, RagingSun6989 was able to destroy the Chaos tank and kill Chaos leader Bartholomew2472, sparking the end of their vengeance against Chaos and also now learning the way on how to destroy Chaos tanks.

Viral Fortress was immediately destroyed completely by RagingSun6989 from the instructions of StealthStrike280 in hopes of sparking a message to Condemned, which eventually did and horrified the super virus.

Return to FORGE Fortress

Upon returning to Epitaph, RagingSun6989 rejoiced with the other Sages on their victory against Viral Fortress, but a sudden touch of idea was added to their vengeance plan by StealthStrike280, where he came up with a new idea to return to FORGE Fortress and level it, for shooting them down 12 days ago, to which RagingSun6989 agrees, and once again him and the Sages depart once again this time returning to Halo Reach's Forge World, Invading by both land and air.

RagingSun6989 this time instead of using his Wraith was now advancing with the Banshee providing ground support for the Sages on the ground, who were now operating two wraiths. On the Island the Sages on the ground easily broke through and crushed Chaos's defenses, and even leveled almost 40 AI's as they advanced to the river crossing under heavy fire from the cave bunkers and high ground fortifications on the cliff.

Having to have lost a single Wraith due to a Chaos Rocket barrage, RagingSun6989 dive bombed the Chaos position on the cliff eliminating the rocket team, thus allowing the First Wraith to get away, and three of the Sages to take cover behind the rocks in the river.

Despite falcons in the sky that was attempting to ambush the Sages on the ground, RagingSun6989 mostly concentrated on the cliff top defenses while the other Banshee Sages defended the ground Sages from the attacking Falcons in the air.

After distracting the cliff Fortifications for a couple of minutes the Ground Sages were able to smash through the cave entrance and break out entering The fields with the Command center not far out through he canyon. At this point RagingSun6989 then turned his attentions to aide the other Banshee Sages and helped to clear the skies while the rest of the Sages advanced on the command post, and started to pound it hard, with new and improved modded plasma mortars, capable of destroying any Forge structure it impales at.

Upon clearing the skies, RagingSun6989 and the other Sage Banshees then concentrated on the command post fortifications, while the Ground Sages advanced through the shattered walls slaughtering all Chaos soldiers inside, and destroying everything with the Wraith, several Chaos AI's now panicked began to try and escape the fort with the use of the last remaining Falcons, but they were easily shot down by RagingSun6989 and the Banshee Sages, before they could get within 5 miles of the base.

With FORGE Fortress eliminated, the Seven Sages returned back to Epitaph full of pride, and were finally able to rest for a bit in real life, as RagingSun6989 at this time had attempted to catch on sleep that he had been unable to do for several weeks.

Attack on Chaos Carrier

By November 4th, 2015, RagingSun, and the rest of the Sages have over heard from Epitaph through the use of specially designed modded radio waves, that were created through Windspear's Developer's console software, that Chaos had just completed newly improved vehicles and were shipping them off to Halo 4's server in order to send the vehicles to Skyline, so that they could be airlifted into the Deep Web in order to prepare for a special operation.

RisingSun and the other six Sages arrived at Nebula, with their Banshees and single hornet, where they eventually located the giant Chaos carrier, and attacked it through a combined air and land based engagement.

Despite gaining the upper hand, allowing the Hornet Sages to land and enter the carrier, word was out through the Xbox Live connection network, that Chaos was enroot with a swarm of Hornets, in which RagingSun informed StealthStriker, and Aeon Windspear, that they have only 5 minutes to destroy the carrier and get out, before the swarm arrives and overruns them.

Despite being temporarily pinned down inside the carrier, RagingSun and the rest of the Banshee Sages were able to hold off the first wave of Chaos reinforcements, but the situation began to turn against them, but fortunately Windspear was able to locate a vital section on the carrier and destroy it with the use of a single shot from his rocket launcher, causing the forge constructed vessel to implode, giving Windspear, Stealth Strike, and Platinum the time they needed to escape, back aboard their hornet.

After pulling away to a safe distance, the carrier exploded destroying the entire second wave of the Reinforcements, allowing RagingSun and the rest of the sages time to tunnel out of Nebula and back into Epitaph in Halo 3's server.

Invasion of Epitaph

Around 6 days following the victories of both Viral Fortress, and FORGE Fortress, and about 5 days following the destruction of the new Chaos super tanks and Warhogs aboard Dark Shadow, RagingSun6989 was patrolling the walkways outside Epitaph tower alongside PLATNIUMskull90 and Sharpshooter280, on November 8th, when suddenly rockets from out of the blue began to strike the Tower.

Looking down at the desert where the sun glare is located, RagingSun6989 is horrified to see Chaos Spartans spawning on the desert 35 Spartans at a time, shooting up towards the Tower, getting the attention of the other Sages, who quickly raced over to sun's position as he was constantly shooting back at the Chaos ground invasion on the desert with his Sniper Rifle.

Reinforced with the other Sages, RagingSun6989 was given a better vantage point on the platforms as the Chaos forces advanced closer to the Tower's base, Windspear was able to fire several rockets down against the sands below while Golden Fang ili did the same with Fuel Rod rounds, despite killing multiple enemies at a time, a Chaos Tank soon spawned in from the west with reinforcements and began shelling the Sage's position, forcing them to scatter and take different defensive positions.

RagingSun6989 took the high ground as he tried to snipe the reinforcements, while Aeons Windspear held the old position trying to destroy the tank with rockets but to no effect.

Upon reaching the base of the tower, Chaos spawneded and Invade the map, forcing the Seven Sages to divert their defense inside. RagingSun6989 remained outside for a little longer while the Sages tried to defend the interior, but was eventually overcome by Sniper fire from the Desert and forced back inside.

As Chaos took over the first section of the lower area of Epitaph, Sun tried to shoot Chaos soldiers advancing up the gravity lifts with his Carbine, but was once again force to retreat where to the catwalks overlooking the storm front part of the Desert, where him and the rest of the Seven Sages made a stand on the second level, that was guarded by 2 Machine Gun Turrets.

He alongside the other Sages were able to beat back several Chaos Waves, until Hornets spawned inside outside the map and forced the Sages back once again, where they eventually retreated to the light side of the tower again and with Plasma Turrets, attempted to hold their position until RaginGerman2099 could spawn their vehicles out.

As the Sages looked to have almost been overrun, the vehicles were spawned and the Sages once again escaped by air, but a Chaos soldier fired a rocket at the Hornet, just before they despawned out of Epitaph.

Halo Wars Front

Arriving in the Halo Wars server, the damaged Hornet was immediately destroyed upon entering the Network, but the crew survived, and were trapped on the ground with only the four Banshees Sages in the sky to cover them, as they did during the Ambush at Forge Fortress 6 days earlier. RisingSun remained in the Banshee throughout this whole theater as he covered the Sages on the ground alongside the other Sage Banshees, where the group was able to eliminate a Chaos army, and spawn in the Wraith on the ground in hopes to boost up the Sage's ground opportunity against Chaos.

2 days into Halo Wars RTS game, RagingSun6989 conducted an air attack against a Chaos base located on the map Gravemind, where he and the other three Sage Banshees were successful in destroying a Chaos supply line of data, which was also monitoring the Seven Sage's every movement in Halo Wars. Despite the victory, Chaos responded with a Vulture attack against the Sage Banshees forcing Sun, and the others inside em to evacuate, as RisingSun knew that Banshees do not stand a chance against Vultures.

The Seven Sages attempted to try and break into the map Crevice, where they despite being outnumbered by 5 armies all around them, were successful in managing to destroy a large Chaos ground armored battalion on the bridge, with the help of immunity mods, but were eventually forced to withdraw when 2 Vultures were unleashed on them.

RagingSun6989 after escaping Crevice with the other Sages, then attempted to try and located the main map where Chaos kept on spawning Vultures, so they could attack and destroy it, but all attempts and investigations were all proven a failure accept for a map of unknown origin that was investigated by Aeons Windspear, whom which he was able to download and reveal that Chaos was deploying and spawning the Vultures from the destroyed Halo Wars Map Fort Deen, which was then called Hellsport Fortress. RagingSun6989 and the other Banshee Sages then attacked the Fortress outer defenses in hopes of drawing out the Vultures out so that the ground Sages could destroy the base from the ground. The Attack was accomplished despite overwhelming numbers, and the destruction of Fort Hellsport, also eliminated Chaos's ability to spawn Vultures in the future.

The Seven Sages then advanced and spawneded themselves to Blood Gulch, where RagingSun6989 was able to destroy a single Chaos air Battleship that was in the sky, while at the same time weakening Chaos's hold on Halo Wars, however the battle didn't conclude as 12 minutes after that engagement, Chaos leader Destro19884, was found and eliminated by the Sage ground team, rendering Chaos leaderless in Halo Wars. After engaging Chaos at Blood Gultch StealthStrike280 then sends Sun, and the rest of the Banshee Sages on a Recon mission on the map Exile in hopes of locating a way to escape the Occupied Halo Wars network.

Once He and the rest of the Banshee Sages arrive at Exile, they don't find an escape route but instead located another one of Chaos's most well balanced leaders who was also the main person who slaughtered the moderators on District last month, during Viral Day. The Sage Banshees attack Exile, despite overwhelming odds, and managed to clear a path for the rest of the Sages to come in from the ground, From there RolandCrusher98, unleashed a Deep wb version of the Flood against the ground Sages, forcing them to evacuate, but they were rescued when RagingSun6989 arrived and forced them away with the other Sage Banshees, the Ground Sages were then successful in advancing forward and eliminating RolandCrusher98 from existence, it was from here that Aeons Windspear was finally able to obtain a way to escape Occupied Halo Wars. Unfortunately during the conversation the group is attacked by a Chaos Counter attack forcing all Seven to dig in and defend, while StealthStrike280 prepared the update in order to allow him and the other Sages to escape the map.

Sun did all he could from the air to provide air support, but the Sages having to be attacked from all sides even with the help of him and the rest of the Sage Banshees were on the verge of annihilation, until StealthStrike280 was able to despawn the group out of the game by some miracle, and the Sages were sent back to Sandbox in order to catch their breaths in real life.

New Establishment on Halo 2 Anniversary

Upon escaping the Halo Wars server, RagingSun6989 had managed to lead the Seven Sages to his Halo 2 Forge constructed map on AWASH, on Halo 2 Anniversary, where the group immediately began to unleash the storage of vehicles, back onto the map with the exception of both the four Banshees and Wraith, which had survived the entire Halo War Theater.

During this period however, the war began to take a toll on RagingSun6989, as well as the other Sages, mainly due to the fact of both lack of sleep, and eye strain from staring at a TV for too long in the real world, while also sustaining sore hands from gripping the Xbox One controller for so many weeks without letting go.

Storm Island & New Threat

After establishing a new base of Operations on Order Island, StealthStrike280, then found out that Chaos was transporting a large group of armor by ship towards the Halo 4, where it was set to reach the Halo 4 map Skyline.

RagingSun6989, alongside the other Sages ventured out where they seeked out and Invaded the carrier destroying it at Nebula before it could despawn itself to Skyline.

However during the attack, Overlord, Aeons Windspear, and PLANTIUMskull90 were soon able to discover a Chaos stronghold at Remnant, where It was discovered that Chaos was planning something big. RagingSun6989 and the rest of the Sages Invaded and attacked Chaos Occupied Remnant, that was known at the time as Storm Island, in order to seek out what true motive the super virus had in store for the war.

Despite heavy resistance during the beach landing and land based fighting, the Seven Sages were successful in breaking through the bunker lines of defenses where at the same time they were also successful in destroying a Chaos Tank in the back of the Island, where RagingSun6989 was able to pick off several Chaos gunners clearing the way for the other Sages to overrun them, from there the Seven Sages eventually secured the Island, only to discover that Condemned had gathered data throughout the last 5 weeks into the war, eventually feeding it to a Chaos army in an unidentified location, where it was discovered that Chaos was attempting to enter the real world and Invade everything beyond the world of gaming.

Return to Sandbox

RagingSun6989 returned to Sandbox along with the Other Sages, by November 2nd, 2015, only to find the once Halo 3 Forge matchmaking map in nothing more but ruins and rubble, infested with Chaos fortifications and several Hornets patrolling the skies.

RagingSun6989 this time at this event armed with a Plasma Rifle, (in place of the Carbine Like he was armed with in Halo Reach) took part of the engagement by providing sniper cover for the Sages as they attacked Sandbox, in hopes of driving Chaos patrols away, after a small shoot out, RagingSun6989 and PLATNIUMSkull90 were sent to the highest portion of Sandbox in order to provide watch and future sniper fire in the wake of a Chaos Counterattack, while the other Sages ventured inside the structure and looked for the source of the warping data that after a 20 minutes would spread and spawn Chaos into the real world.

The Chaos counterattack came sooner than expected, as RagingSun6989 and PLATNIUMskull90 held off the Chaos ground forces, however Chaos eventually responded with Tanks and artillery, which despite being reinforced by both Aeons Windspear, and Golden Fang ili, were forced to duck for cover until the Artillery barrage ended.

After the barrage ended RagingSun6989 alongside PLATNIUMSkull90 walked out again and fired among the crowd of Chaos A.I's a second time, despite being harassed by tanks below, where Windspear armed with a Rocket Launcher and Golden Fang ili attempted to shell the tanks below.

Fortunately during the fighting outside, RaginGerman2099, Kill3r0Zombies, and Overlord91 were successful in discovering the coding and with a special software were able to erase and destroy it before the timer was able to reach 0 further preventing Chaos from Invading the real world, and forcing a shock wave that eradicated all Chaos forces all over Sandbox, where RagingSun6989 and the other Sages despawn immediately after being hit by the shock wave and were sent back to Order Island at AWASH, back in Halo 2 Anniversary.

Halo 2 Anniversary Theater

Hunting for Resources
Battle of Region
Attempts at Halo 3
New Plan
Battle of Ruined Shadow

About 15 days, after the Sages destroyed Dark Shadow in Nebula, RagingSun6989, was able to receive a funny energy reading coming out from one of the light effects that were engraved on their Xbox Live map board. StealthStrike eventually discovered the source to be that of Chaos origin, but was amazed to discover that the source was indeed a tank, that was among one of the carrier's shipments that it had been transporting 15 days ago.

Aeons Windspear would eventually devise a plan in order to obtain this single Chaos tank, in hopes of using it against Chaos, while at the same time try to obtain most of its fire power in hopes of evening the odds in their war against the Condemned.

Liking the plan, Sun came up with an idea to create a specially designed drop ship in order to house the tank, and with the use of special software, that was taken from Region 5 days ago, use it to animate the vessel in order to automatically send it back to Order Island with the tank.

The group agreed, and Sun proceeded to build a specially designed Dropship that would later become known as STEEL, where afterwards Aeon Windspear with the help of his developers council was able to animate the forge constructed vessel allowing the transport to tunnel out of Order Island, and straight to Nebula, where the debris field of Dark Shadow was seen on the horizon.

Following after in his Banshee, RisingSun and the rest of the Banshee Sages patrolled the debris field, until they spotted the tank, but came under fire from Chaos Hornets, eventually beginning the Battle of Ruined Shadow.

Despite multiple hardships, including entrenched Chaos forces firing Machine Guns from one of the floating debris, RisingSun and the rest of the Banshee Sages were able to provide cover for the Hornet Sages, and were also even able to destroy the Chaos recovery vehicles, stopping Chaos's initial mission completely.

As Windspear was able to snatch the tank and tunnel it through to STEEL, in which obtained a huge victory for the Sages, allowing the group to retreat through tunneling, but as STEEL was about to tunnel through in order to return to AWASH, a single shot fired from an unknown Chaos entity struck Steel's left engine causing an overload in the coding software, keeping the vessel under control.

Though STEEL was still able to make it out of Nebula, the dropship would never mage it back to Order Island, and instead ended up tunneling in Chaos territory on the map Zanzibar crashing into the beach, completely dismembering the entire vessel, but fortunately allowing Sun, the rest of the Sages and the one tank that they stole from Chaos to remain in one piece.

Shot Down on Zanzibar

Back on the ground with the rest of the Sages, StealthStrike comes up the solution to Invade the Chaos stronghold in retaliation for destroying STEEL, while at the same time test out the captured Chaos tank.

Sun became one of the escorts as the Sages Invaded the Chaos stronghold, breaching the walls within seconds, and overrunning most of the Chaos beach defenses before entering the facility themselves.

The tank, that was driven by Aeon Windspear, was able to single-handedly destroy multiple Hornets that were attempting to harasses the Sages Invading the base, while at the same time even shooting down a single Raven Dropship, that was attempting to deploy a Scorpion tank onto the field.

After clearing the base, StealthStrike declared the tank as an official success and stated himself that he had plans for a future mod in order to strengthen the Sages weaponry in order to make them fire and operate similar to that of Chaos guns.

Unfortunately the group would later in turn end up trapped on Zanzibar, due to Windspear's Developer Console eventually going out, forcing Sun and the other 6 Sages to cover Windspear until he can get his console working again.

As the Chaos counter attack began, with the use of Amphibious tanks and craft, the Sages were able to hold back 4 waves of Chaos Infantry, but ammo and the sudden arrival of Chaos Scorpions and dominating numbers of foot soldiers began to turn the battle against the 6 defending Sages, but at the very moment, Windspear who was somehow able to get his Developer's console's main fans working again was then able to tunnel the group out just in time before Chaos was able to reclaim their base on Zanzibar map.

Battle of Order Island

despite such a successful operation in obtaining a chaos tang and escaping a Chaos server RagingSun6989, and the rest of the sages were not able to obtain an actual rest, as the server would eventually discovered and eventually attacked due to a tracer that was obtained on the chaos tank during the Battle of Ruined Shadow.

Sun provided air defense over the island by preventing chaos and Amphibious class vehicles from landing on the island, and providing troops to establish a beachhead for the rest of the ground attack. He also at this point was ordered to try and remove the tracking beacon that was placed by Chaos in order to keep the map open for Chaos to send more forces into the server, in which he was successful in launching an air attack against the small neighboring Island, before the rest of the Sages were able to fend off and defeat most of the Chaos landing forces with the use of specially designed fire wall coded fences, which prevented Chaos forces from either breaching, or shooting through them.

As soon as the Island was safe, the rest of the Sages would eventually join in the air fight, where the group would eventually destroy the Chaos Hell Lander, in a coordinated counter strike, in order to prevent Chaos from launching a second wave against the Island.

Despite such a hard battle conducted on Order Island chaos was eventually defeated and the seven sages were actually able to trap the chaos military Invasion within their own server allowing the rest of the ground say just including me on Windspear to join Rising sun in the air in order to attack the chaos hell carrier that was already station above the island and was the one responsible for leash in The Invasion.

Following the destruction of the Hell Lander, RagingSun6989 eventually landed back on the Island, and joined the rest of the Sages during their small victory celebration after having to have for the first time, finally beat back a Chaos assault, something that the Seven Sages, have been unable to do, during the first 2 and a half months of the war, while at the same time create a firewall in hopes of preventing the chaos forces from ever entering the server again.

Assault on Warlord

After the failed chaos invasion of order island, RisingSun along with the rest of the seven sages eventually agreed to launch an attack of their own in hopes of destroying a massive amount of chaos coding that was being pumped into the network from the Deep Web, on the map Warlord.

Sun took part of this mission, along with Aeons Windspear, ShadowSniper and Overlord, where the small group were able to successfully enter the Deep Web through network tunneling and were able to launch an assault on the map catching KS completely off-guard and eradicating the defenders within a couple of moments despite this chaos counter attack within a few moments forcing three of their ages to maintain a defensive perimeter after Windspear was successfully able to remove the firewall in case on chaos machine gun turrets allowing the sages to use them against their formal operators in their own faction.

After having to hold back the Chaos reinforcements, for about 15 minutes, alongside ShadowSniper, Windspear was successful in destroying the Kodak well further eliminating a chaos code well in which not only fueled the chaos military that was being created and coded within the Deep web, but also would further prevent the spawning in of more Chaos War forces within the Halo 2 region of the Halo games network of Xbox live.

It was eventually proven by stealthStrike, that this attack was known as the biggest blow to the chaos Halo 2 occupational forces.

Preparations for A Blitz against Chaos

Following the initial success on both order island in Warren Ward including the destruction of the hell lander RagingSun6989 and the rest of the seven sages became confident enough in hopes of beginning a full-scale counter-attack or offencive of their own against chaos on a wide-scale similar to their tactics while using their own tank against them.

Whitney Houston of a new plant idea the seven sages agreed to come up with a great new Blitz attack against chaos Halo 4 in hopes of dealing a severe blow against chaos armies in the most heavily populated portion of Xbox live and mountain the most important game set that was attacked first in viral day.

However in order to do this, the seven sages would have had to create a new Dropship after having to lose the first one during the ruined Shadow campaign, where at the same time, would have to destroy a strategic chaos air base that was located on the map Zenith, as this port was also known the largest port where Chaos stored its most powerful Chaotic Hornets.

It was also known to watch over most of the Halo 2 map skyward if they were able to bring in their new Dropship to the map it would need to clear the way first, by destroying Zenith.

However before the attack on Zenith was made RagingSun6989 who was tasked with creating the first STEEL, a couple days prior, had a immediately began construction on a new Forge Dropship that would eventually become known as STEEL II.

It would be this very Dropship that would be used against the seven sages first official Blitz invasion of chaos.

Attack on Fort Zenith

Seen that they only had a small window of opportunity, the Seven Sages began their small offensive against the Halo 2 Network with the use of STEEL II, but conducted the attack in a way to draw the Condemned Virus into thinking it was a normal base attack in hopes of preventing the Skyward map from being fortified.

However STEEL II did not take part of the actual engagement, as RagingSun6989 along with the rest of the six sages launch the attack on the asteroid Airfield at Zenith, destroying all hornets and personnel they could find, and even went as far as to destroying a newly developed experimental Coronation Hornet, one that was said to have been able to transport up to 5 Players, and even teleport between game servers within a matter of seconds.

After conducting a successful clean sweep StealthStrike created a new type of coded bomb that enabled the Seven Sages to destroy the largest portions of the chaotic vehicle units located within the interior of the map without harming the map itself.

As a result, chaos regrouped and counterattacked with the use of specially designed deep Web turrets in hopes of shooting STEEL II, (Which had just arrived through auto piloting software) out of a sky, but these turrets were quickly destroyed, opening up the way for STEEL II and the Seven Sages to enter skyward, which was also known as the Border server between Halo 2 of The Master Chief collection in Halo 4 of the Xbox live Network.

Battle of Chaonic Hill

However before STEEL II's departure in the skyward, there was one more Target that was left in order of preventing chaos from learning of the Seven Sage Invasion against them, and that target was located on the Halo 2 map awash at a heavily fortified self created deep web coded map called chaotic Hill.

With the terrain heavily wooded with a load of deep web coded trees, RagingSun6989 and the rest of the Sages were able to enter the map, but the thick terrain and that of hidden minefields on the server prevented the use of vehicles, forcing RagingSun and the rest of the Sages to attack the hill with no vehicle aide.

within a lengthy amount of fighting, the Seven Sages were able to completely break through the chaotic defense lines within the forest, while at the same time destroying multiple vital containers obtaining newly experimental chaos weapons and vehicles that were meant to be used against them in the future.

This eventually proved to be a prize, RagingSun6989 and the resto of Seven Sages themselves didn't even know that the island they were attacking was actually a deep dark secret deep Web weapons factory, which could explain why chaos was so bent on trying to prevent the attack on the hill.

Despite being outnumbered and outgunned RagingSun and the rest of the sages were able to reach the top of the hill with the use of the air support conducted by STEEL II, with the use of new coded guns that were designed to be used against ground targets when called on, the software Hell from Above, was then developed by StalthStrike and coded to the Dropship in order to be used to call in airstrikes. The software worked like that of Call of Duty, killzone or any first-person shooting games that had to be used in order to call in air support featuring a laser sight to be marked on the target.

It was from here that RagingSun6989 in the rest of the seven sages would make video game history as the first Xbox live players to not only create working guns from forge structures but also code them to actually be used as a weapon against the enemy.

Following the victory on the hill included with the destruction of most the chaos vehicles and weapons on the forest landscape RagingSun6989 along with the rest of the seven stages on the ground then entered steel 2 and made their way towards the skyward where they planned on beginning their invasion of chaos operation had officially began on are in late November of 2015.

First Invasion of Chaos

Upon entering skyview, STEEL II eventually became trapped within a special type of deep web coded gravity field. in which force the autopilot system of the dropship to remain active, leaving the dropship stuck moving in a horizontal position through the map.

The seven sages including Sun eventually took up defence positions as a chaos Outpost within the skyview area that was recently constructed in the later weeks, following viral day launched Chaotic Hornets and assaulted the dropship in hopes of destroying the Seven Sage Invasion attempt, that was for the first time in the war being used against them.

Despite this, RagingSun6989 became one of the major Gunners in the defense of the dropship alongside overlord, while the rest of the seven sages used their own weapons in order to repel the attack.

However at about 4 to 5 minutes within trying to repeal the chaotic hornets, RagingSun6989 was then order to go into his Wraith as the window of entry, was about to be flown over, and that both him and Aeon Winspear would have to enter it with both of their tanks otherwise they would both be killed by the maps barrier, and would have missed their opportunity, giving the Sages no chance in landing on Halo 4.

Upon entering his Wraith along with Aeons Winspear climbing aboard the captured chaotic scorpion, the order to drop was given and RagingSun6989 was the first one to drop from the STEEL II drop ship while Aeons Windspear was the second.

The duo landed inside chaos occupied meltdown about 20 miles outside the map boundaries, but both ended up getting blown off course due to straying apart. RagingSun6989 was eventually forced to fight his way through Chaos defences until he eventually met up with Aeons Winspear it was from there, that the group found out that STEEL II, was getting overrun in the sky back on the Halo 2 map SKYVIEW, and needed to be free of the coded rift now, otherwise the Dropship would be eventually shot down.

This would force RisingSun alongside Aeons Windspear to blast their way through heavy chaos armor, and fortifications with the use of new mods and coded equipment that was created by StealthStrike, in which allowed the wraith and chaotic scorpion tank to cause further damage too chaotic armor, bunkers and field fortifications, finally resulting in their destruction. (something that the seven sages were never able to do for the past 2 months into the war.)

After breaking through the chaotic defenses, the duo had managed to locate and destroy a prize orbital coating well allowing STEEL II become free of the coded gravity well and maneuver allowing the rest of the sages to break through the outer barrier and bring sealed to down towards the surface of meltdown in order to support the ground attack towards the map itself.

As the rest of the Seven Sages deployed from STEEL II and entered the battle while using both the Wraith and chaotic scorpion, for cover all the seven sages were able to make it to the map of meltdown, where they eventually took over the blue side of the math within a few minutes and heavily-fortified it through the use of Forging, conducted by RagingSun6989.

After establishing defenses, RagingSun6989 and the rest of Seven Sages, were able to beat back multiple waves of chaos counter attacks as the rest of their armor was being unloaded onto the map from STEEL II. Despite multiple waves being beaten back, multiple chaos tanks eventually arrived from the East and destroyed the second barricade eventually forcing RagingSun6989, along with stealth Shadow to take dig in and fortified the east.

Despite having an intense firefight including the odds being against them both RagingSun6989 was able to successfully cover ShadowNinja, while using the highground to his advantage, while ShadowNinja, fought off the tanks on the ground using the debris for cover.

Thanks to the joint strategies, the duo had managed to destroy multiple chaos tanks including destroying a rock formation within the map, by allowing it to successfully fall and crush 3 more Chaotic Scorpions, thereby blocking the road. Not long after blocking the road, StealthStrike later arrived from the western defenses created a specially-designed coded firewall which prevented chaos from blasting their way through the rock, further sealing off the entire eastern side of the map from Chaos attack.

With the Blue half of the map now secured, along with all of the vehicles now disembarked from STEEL II.

RagingSun6989 and the rest of the Seven Sages eventually began their own assault against chaos half of the server and eventually overran a large heavily fortified chaotic Outpost within the red side of meltdown, It would be from here where the seven sages would eventually turn this once chaos communication Outpost into their own personal field headquarters for their assault on chaos.

Return to Halo 2

Invasion of Sahl Island
Attack on Ice Breaker
Battle of Bloodline

Battling the Dark Leviathan

Halo 4 Theater

Attack Forge Island Campaign
Battle of Sky City
Raid on ADRIFT
Into the OUTCAST
Investigation at COMPLEX
Miracle at Vertigo
Shatter Raid
Assault on Reaves
Attack on Hell Server
Invasion of IMPACT Fortress

Entering the Deep Web & End of War


Clan Crisis Era

Call of Duty Crisis


During the Moderation War on the Server, which eventually spread throughout most of XBox Live, RisingSun's Arsenal of Weaponry was mostly that of Covenant Origin, as his Primary was always the Covenant Carbine, while his secondary was either a Human Sniper Rifle, a Forerunner Light Rifle, a Focus Rifle (In the wake that the Covenant Carbine is no longer apart of a Game, such as Halo Reach) or a Plasma Rifle (Which is mostly used by him in Missions in Combat Evolves Servers and sometimes Halo ODST).

The Firearms in which RisingSun90777 use, are listed below for each Server that RisingSun90777 took part of during the Moderation War with Chaos.

Halo 2

Halo 3

Halo Reach

Halo 4

  • Covenant Carbine
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Incineration Cannon (Used twice In Moderation War by RisingSun90777 during both the Exile Mission and the Battle of Longbow, Used most of the time through matchmaking)
  • Light Rifle (Used during the Assault on Adrift, in place of the Carbine during the Moderation War, used a second time during tbe Battle of Barren, 7 2 years later during the Clan Crisis)

Call of Duty World War II


Wraith Tank
The Wraith Tank, was RagingSun6989's most favorite ground vehicle in all Halo Games, he commonly prefers the Wraith more than any other ground vehicle, despite him also taking liking to the Scorpion, Ghost, and Rocket Warthog.

The Wraith was the main land vehicle that he used during the Moderation War, where he often would provide cover for the Seven Sages during frontal attacks on Chaos strongholds or on an occupied Server. He also tends to use the Wraith as artillery in order to lay waste to heavily entrenched Chaos forces in Forge constructed fortresses. Many Wraiths were operated by RagingSun6989, but only one was given to him after the War.

That one Wraith was one of the 2 surviving Wraith's that he had previously used before in Halo 3's Server, that had somehow managed to survive the fall of Sandbox, though it was also hinted that RagingSun6989, was still using that one tank during the war, and just didn't know about it until the war ended on December 31st, 2015.

As of the events of the First Oceanic Baniard War, and the Clan Crisis, he still uses this tank, as far as 2037...

RisingSun's Wraith
The Banshee was used by RagingSun6989, since he first started playing Halo in 2007, but eventually chose this vehicle as a primary air attack craft as a perfect attacker against Xbox Live Players during matchmaking events.

However, during the Moderation War, out of all Forge Air based vehicles RagingSun6989 still required and chose the Banshee for multiple reasons, as it was more maneuverable than that of the Hornet. However as the war progressed, most of the Seven Sages vehicles were destroyed during the Fall of Sandbox and Epitaph Tower, leaving the Banshee's the only vehicles left in the Seven Sage garrison.

At the end of the War, RagingSun6989's Banshee along with the other three Banshee's that were operated by the Seven Sages, had survived the entire conflict, and were given to each Sage as a gift for ending the war and Condemned.

RisingSun's Banshee



  • RagingSun6989 appears to be more of an Elite than a Spartan, as he is shown to play more as an Elite in Halo 2, 3, ODST, and Reach, he only plays as a Spartan in Halo 4, due to having no other Option but to become a Spartan as Halo 4 does not contain an Species selection like the previous Halo games...
  • RagingSun6989 maybe the Sniper of the Seven Sages, alongside PLATNIUMskull90, as he appears to be armed more with long range weaponry, such as the Sniper Rifle and Carbine...
  • RagingSun6989 happens to be a fictional inspirational version of 2091riveraisrael's Gamertag RisingSun90777 in Reality on Xbox Live...
  • In reality, RisingSun is best known as the Creator of most of the Map sets, concerning the Machinima...
  • RagingSun6989, appears to be a major fan of the Covenant Carbine, as he is seen wielding it in just about every Halo game, except Combat Evolved, and Reach...
  • It is revealed that RisingSun, may like other Halo Weapons other than the Covenant Carbine, and Sniper Rifle...
    • It is revealed in Halo Reach, that RisingSun, also seems to be quite keen with the DMR Rifle, Plasma Launcher, and the Focus Rifle, which may deem to be a replacement for the Covenant Carbine, which is no longer present in Halo Reach...
    • It is also revealed that RagingSun6989 also likes to use the Storm Rifle, and Light Rifle, and Incineration Cannon while playing Halo 4, as in reality he is sometimes shown wielding both a Carbine, and a Light Rifle at times, but he is also shown revealing a Covenant Carbine and Storm Rifle as well...
    • In Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, alongside some other Halo's RagingSun6989 is shown to be an expert with the Plasma Pistol, and sometimes Needler, but it is revealed that he is Neutral when it comes to the Needler, as he often uses it as if he has no other option...
    • RagingSun6989 also appears to use the Submachine Gun at times, along with the Plasma Rifle and Plasma Repeater, it is revealed that he does take a liking towards the Plasma Rifle, despite his objection of the Halo weapon actually being considered a rifle...
  • It is discovered that despite being a Sniper, RagingSun6989 also seems to hold a good shot at anti-armor weaponry as he is sometimes shown to wield an Incineration Cannon in Halo 4, revealing that RagingSun6989 also has a liking of the Incineration Cannon as well...
  • RagingSun6989, appears to be often left behind the most by the group, this is mostly because of him being a Sniper, him and PLATNIUMskull90 both receive this treatment as they are left behind due to both containing a Sniper Rifle, and Beam Rifle...
  • RagingSun6989 is shown to sustain weakness at close quarters, he is also shown to not handle close or melee warfare very well, revealing that close range fighting is RagingSun6989's major weakness while Long Range is declared his strength...
  • Though not the leader of the Seven Sages, RagingSun6989 may be the planner of the group, but this was never proven as he is shown to object on plans created by others at times...
  • RagingSun6989 was known to be one of the players of the future Seven Sages to take part in the Battle of Assembly, during the final hours of Viral Day, the second being Aeons Windspear...
  • It is unclear how RagingSun6989 thinks that the Wraith is more easier to handle then that of the Scorpion, but it was revealed that the Wraith was more faster and easier to evade certain attacks when done right...
  • In Reality, RisingSun90777 has been known to play other games, such as Call of Duty, Fallout 3, and sometimes driver based genre games, hinting that war isn't the only thing that 2091riveraisrael finds fascinating...
  • RagingSun6989 is known to be the second oldest of the three Producers of Virtual COnflict, and is also known to be the highest ranking due to him being the series main creator in reality...
  • RagingSun6989 had a dark past which eventually was discovered by Aeons Windspear that he had multiple rivals before the events of the Moderation war...
  • In the planned sequel machinima Crisis, RagingSun6989 is shown to be the antagonist, of the whole machinima, due to being the main founder and leader of Shadow Ocean, though this was never proven...