Plasma Launcher
Plasma Launcher
Manufactured: 2010(Introduced in Halo Reach)
Occupation: Anti Tank Launcher
Cartridges: Plasma
Range: Short to Medium
Counter Part:
Type: Plasma-based explosives launcher
Created By: Bungie

The Type-52 Guided Munitions Launcher/Explosive (T52 GML/E), more commonly known as The Plasma Launcher, is a plasma-based explosive launcher used by the Covenant Empire during the Human-Covenant war.

This cannon is favored by both RagingSun6989 and Aeons Windspear, as RagingSun6989 was shown wielding this cannon one time during the Moderation War in Halo Reach, and Windspear choosing this cannon as the secondary grenade launcher of his Post war clan the White Sky Riders, during the Clan Crisis.

Design and Details

The weapon is capable of launching up to four large explosive plasma grenade-like bolts at a single target. These can be fired individually or all at once if charged for a short time. A plasma launcher with full battery is, in total, capable of firing up to twelve bolts, regardless of whether fired individually or in bursts.

The bolts track vehicles and infantry in a similar way to the Needler, although slightly different. A red circle will appear around a target to indicate the Launcher is "locked on". Note also that the Plasma Launcher has a 2.5x Zoom capability, better than the Human Rocket Launcher in fact and when zoomed in, enables the user to lock onto targets from farther away than unzoomed. These bolts will continue to track even if the operator is killed or if the bolt is redirected by a gravity hammer.

They will also stick to the target on impact, like plasma grenades. However, the projectiles move incredibly slowly, and enemy soldiers can make an attempt to dodge them. They also have a slight delay on them which makes the weapon very capable of "from the grave kills".

The bolts have an arcing trajectory when fired over long distances. It has an appearance slightly similar to the Fuel Rod Gun, as they are both Covenant heavy weapons, though the Launcher is blue and the Fuel Rod Gun is brown/gold.

The Plasma Launcher is carried in combat by high-ranking Grunts, Elites, and Brutes.