Order Island
Order Island Updated Sideview
Manufactured: 2015 (Developed in Halo 2 Anniversary)
Arthur: 2091riveraisrael
  • Sea
  • Islands beyond the Kill Barriers
  • Master Chief Collection
    • Halo 2 Anniversary
  • 4 Banshees (Originally the Surviving Banshee's from Halo 3's Sandbox)
  • 1 Hornet (Salvaged from FORGE Fortress)
  • 1 Wraith (Originally the Surviving Wraith that was found from Halo 2 Terminal)
  • 2 Civilian Warthogs (Salvaged from an abandoned dead map)
  • Captured Chaos Scorpion Tank (Taken from Nebula, from the Ruined Shadow Debris Field)
  • 1 Gauss Hog (Taken from Roar Star)
  • 1 Default Warthog (Salvaged from Shrine)
Fate: Invaded by Chaos 21 days after Battle of Epitaph, Island remains in Seven Sage control...
Class: Forge Constructed Island
Halo Region: Unclear (Possibly on Installation 05)

Order Island was an Island located in Halo 2's Server Awash, which served as a safe Haven for the Seven Sages, following the falls of both Sandbox and Epitaph, by AI controlled Chaos armies diverted and led by the Lethal Virus Condemnation, during the Moderation War.

A major Battle between Chaos and Seven Sages was fought on this one very Island in order to attempt to remove the remaining Seven Sages players on Xbox Live from the Server on November 21st, 2015 about 21 days after the Invasion of Epitaph.

Despite winning against Chaos, the Seven Sages, continued to operate on Order Island, for about 9 more days, until November 29th, 2015 after the Seven Sages all agreed to Invade Chaos, where the group eventually assaulted and attacked Chaos head on for the first time since the destructions of both Forts VIRAL and FORGE.

Order Island, was still in use, despite the sages obtaining a new foothold in Halo 4, after the Seven Sages were able to attack and occupy Chaos Controlled Meltdown, and in fact was used as a major vehicle port during the Seven Sage's blitz against Chaos in Halo 4.



Main Island

The Underground Sector

Vehicle Hanger

Briefing Room




  • Order Island was the only base of the Seven Sages to not be destroyed or Occupied by Chaos...
  • According to RagingSun6989, it was stated that Order Island was the Halo 2 Anniversary clone of his old original Sandbox Map, as both maps share a similar appearance, only that Order Island is smaller then Sandbox...
  • Order Island was the first and only Seven Sage base to be redeveloped from scratch and contain a simulated map of Xbox Live, featuring the Halo games and servers controlled by Chaos...