The Oceanic Network also known as The Oceanic Sea was a digital network, which separates the Halo Games from other games in the Xbox Live Network, while at the same time is the main barrier, which separates the halo franchise games from the other Xbox Live Network matches going as far as Call of Duty, and Destiny.

During the Moderation War, Chaos Submarine Ice Breaker, moved through this official network, which allowed it to easily travel between Halos 3 to 2 Anniversary, where it later commenced the Code Bombardment, and was later attacked and occupied by the Seven Sages despite its attempt to retreat beneath the waves of AWASH, and escape into the Oceanic Network.

A major Battle took place in the Network on December 3rd, 2015, that same day after the Sages took control of the ship, between it and the Kraken, in the deepest portion of the Oceanic Network, where despite major damage, the Ice Breaker was able to destroy the Kraken, by firing at least four Dark Torpedos into the jaws of the beast, and resurface back up to the Halo 2 Anniversary Map AWASH, where it was later destroyed by the newly developed Microsoft Server missile.

Since the destruction of Ice Breaker on December 3rd, 2015, the Oceanic Network, was never again seen or entered during the remaining weeks of the Moderation War.