Incineration Cannon
H4 incineration trans
Manufactured: 2012(Introduced in Halo 4)
Occupation: Anti Tank Launcher
  • Multiple Xbox Live Players
  • RagingSun6989 (Used multiple times during Matchmaking, and 4 times in Moderation War)
  • Shadow Ocean (Main Anti Tank Weapon of Shadow Ocean)
Cartridges: 1 Hardlight Rocket
Range: Short to Medium
Counter Part:
Type: Ionized Particles
Created By: 343 Industries

The Z-390 High-Explosive Munitions Rifle, more commonly known as the Incineration Cannon, is a usable Promethean Forerunner weapon that appears in Halo 4.

343 Industries Designs

The Incineration Cannon fires five streams of explosive particles in a tight spread which release in four different directions upon detonation. The explosive particles then detonate again individually, increasing the effective radius of the initial explosion.


  • Because there are multiple explosive particles, it is very easy to kill multiple players with one shot.
  • It does enough damage to the Scorpion, the Wraith, and the Mantis to destroy them in one hit, but only if all the explosive particles hit the vehicle. A Warthog can survive one shot from an Incineration Cannon because not all explosive particles will hit it.


  • The Incineration Cannon has only one shot per clip and reloading takes four seconds, which makes missing a shot very punishing.
  • The weapon's large area of effective splash damage makes it easy to kill oneself in close quarters.