Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker
Manufactured: October 20th, 2015
Destroyed: December 3rd, 2015
Creator: Condemned
Occupation: Under Digital Water Attack Carrier
User: Chaos
Defenses: Unknown
  • Participated in Battle of Black Out...
  • Destroyed on Halo 2 Map AWASH...
Class: Forge Constructed Carrier
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Ice Breaker was a Forge Constructed Submarine that was designed and put together by Condemned, which played a valiant role in the Moderation War, and was best known for the Code Bombardment. The ship was first found out by RagingSun6989 during the attack on Black Out, and was even encountered during the duo's escape from the ruined rig, the ship however escaped under the digital seas of Halo 3, before Aeons Windspear and RagingSun6989 could board and destroy it, during the first encounter.

The ship met its end in December 3rd, of 2015, as the Moderation War was taking a bad turn against Chaos.

The ship was destroyed from the inside by the Seven Sages, who attacked the vessel while it was bombarding servers on all Halo Games, during the Counter Attack of 2015.

The loss of Ice Breaker would be one of the most unrecoverable blows against Chaos.



Torpedo Bay

The Bridge

Military Planning Deck

Missile Bay


Docking Section



  • Ice Breaker was the first Oceanic Naval ship that was constructed for Machinima based purposes, by 2091riveraisrael...