Fortress IMPACT
Manufactured: 2015 (Developed in Halo 4)
Arthur: Condemned
  • Space
  • Asteroids
Game: Halo 4
  • 4 Shade Turrets
  • 1 Mantis
  • Attacked by Seven Sages during Final Weeks of the Moderation War...
  • Secured by Xbox Live Players and Moderators, 3 hours later...
Class: Forge Constructed Server, on IMPACT by Chaos
Halo Region: Unknown Realm
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

IMPACT Fortress also known as Fortress IMPACT was the largest base constructed by Chaos which guarded the main Network line, which transfers immediately to Condemned's Sanctuary Server. During the Moderation War which served as the main Base of Operations for the A.I Military while Hell Server served as the secondary main base of Operations.

During the Moderation War, IMPACT Fortress was mostly used in order to construct and create different kinds of Vehicles for the Chaos Occupation of Xbox Live, which would eventually be approved by Condemned, then sent to Hell Server, to be spawned and deployed out to different servers all around the Xbox Live Network.

By the Middle of the Moderation War, Condemned eventually came up with a plan to spawn a Chaos Army from Occupied Sandbox into the real world, however Chaos Occupied Sandbox was attacked by the Seven Sages, and the spawning data that was created from IMPACT Fortress was deleted, eliminating Condemned's only chance of spawning Chaos into the real world.

As the War turned against Chaos, IMPACT Fortress, eventually created one last vehicle in order to be used as a counter offensive weapon against the players and Moderators of Xbox Live, this newly developed and upgraded Mantis was encountered and destroyed by the Seven Sages by December 30th 2015, after the destruction of the Mantis, IMPACT Fortress was overrun by moderators and Players, eventually opening up the road to Condemned's sanctuary Server, where the final battle would commence.



First Line

Second Line