Hell Lander
Hell Lander
Manufactured: October 24th, 2015
Creator: Condemned
Occupation: Chaos Troop and aerial carrier
User: Chaos
  • Participated in Battle of Order Island...
  • Destroyed on Halo 2 Map Outcast...
Class: Forge Constructed Carrier
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Hell Landers also and commonly referred by most moderators and Xbox Live players as Server Landers were Forge constructed carriers that were designed by Condemned in order to carry out both Aerial and ground infantry based Invasions on Halo Servers across the entire Xbox Live Halo section of the network.

Throughout most of the Moderation War, only two Carriers were constructed by Condemned, mostly due to the fact of the Hell Lander Project being surpassed and replaced by the Dark Shadow Project, after the destruction of Dark Shadow in the Nebula Server, Condemned once again focused Chaos;'s carriers back to Hell Landers, where one would be used during the Battle of Order Island, and a second during the Battle of Forge Island, both of these carriers were destroyed by the Seven Sages, at OutCast, and Forge Island during the final weeks of the Moderation War, further eliminating Condemned's only chance at transporting an army around the Halo network, and leaving Chaos to play a defensive strategy against the 2015 Counter attack.



Lower Deck


Lander's Armory

Supply Cache


Upper Deck



  • Hell Landers were similar to that of mini carrier dropships designed for deploying Chaos troops and aerial vehicles against a lightly defended target, which could also explain the lack of defenses it posseses...
  • Only 2 Landers were constructed by Condemned in the events of the Moderation War, as the war was turning against Chaos at the time of mass production plans...