The Hell Field also known as The Death Field was a specially designed force field firewall designed by Condemnation in order to keep players out of a single map or structure, the effects of the field would often cause intense vibrations that were powerful enough to blow up both the Television and Xbox counsole if a gamer victim would stand in it for too long.

The fields were cleansed from Xbox live in the 5 months during Xbox Live reconstruction and redevelopment in 2016.


The Force field was first initiated during Viral Day, in order to prevent Xbox Live Moderators or Administrators from attempting to reclaim poorly defended maps of nearly almost every Halo game that were under Chao's occupation, a squad of over 30 moderators and Gamers working together attacked the Halo 4 map COMPLEX during Viral day, where all 30 of them dropped dead the minute they entered the server.

Within not even 3 minutes after entering the force field, 10 out of the 30 gamers and moderators were rushed to the hospital due to both seizures, and burn marks conducted by their television exploding.

Xbox live female gamer UlaraCroft17, was paralyzed in her hands due to the intense force conducted by the vibrations where it was officially declared by the doctors that she would never again be able to play a video game, while this fate also corrupted this young 18 year old girl, it also corrupted several other gamers world wide, to the point that multiple Xbox live gamers abandoned their Xbox ones or 360's out of fear of receiving those same conditions.