Spawned: Unknown
Fragged: October 4th, 2015
Power Size: 4
Era: Shadow Network Incident
Months Active: Unknown - October 4th, 2015
Occupation: Major League Gamers...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael & DyingCity65

FoxTrot was a fictional clan made up by four Major league gamers, who were best known for their skills from close range fighting to Long range attacks. They are the main protagonist faction for PLATNIUMskull90's prequel series Before the Storm

The clan was organized and founded by FireWall87 in order to try and make it to the major league game offs.

After winning the Overseer Championship in October of 2015, the group of freinds were eventually given messages from the halo game company developer Bungie, of a series of Incidents that took place in COMPLEX, which led to the map being abandoned for investigation, and Microsoft, decided to have FoxTrot investigate due to their previous victories against millions of other gamers in the past.

The group was sadly responsible for accidentally breaking the code barrier at SHATTER, and allowing Condemned entry into the Xbox Live Network, and the clan was fragged from the server as soon as they had tried to stop Condemned at OUTCAST beginning the events of Viral Day.


The Overseer Championship

Shadow Network Incident

Noble Units

Wise and direct, clan leader FireWall87, was known to be the main leader of FoxTrot, and was also known to be the most valiant, when it comes to both close range and medium range warfare. He is one of the skillful players on the Network from Texas, and is widely known for his victories during the Overseer championship along side his friends.

He is mostly the biggest clan member to kill with a Scattershot, and a DMR, but lacks other guns due to being a medium and short range player on the Network...

Known as the Artillery of Fire, Corsus981, has a well balanced gift when it comes to firing Sticky Detonators, and Rocket Launchers, at any thing on four wheels or four traction's. Corsus981, happens to prefer explosives above anything else and mostly never uses any projectile weapon such as an assault rifle or Battle rifle, he instead prefers a Minigun, above everything else, the situation on why Corsus981 uses a Minigun as his primary Projectile remains unclean... Corsus981
Armed with nothing more then a Sniper Rifle and Bolt Shot, Torquiset118, was identified as the main Sniper of FoxTrot, and is most known for his skills with using a Sniper Rifle as a primary fire arm and nothing more. Torquiset118, however lacks skills in medium to close range fighting, the cause of this is unknown, but it is most likely due to him being the sniper of the group. Though he uses mostly a Sniper Rifle, Torquiset118, appears to have a Bolt Shot as a side arm, but he hardly ever uses the pistol, the cause of why he has the Bolt Shot remains unknown... Torquiset118
TechBoy181 was a genius when it came to coding and Xbox gaming. Having to be the computer expert in reality, TechBoy was single handily able to develop games in reality, while at the same time being able to hack them from a single USB stick. It is unclear on where he had learned his computer abilities, but it was eventually discovered that he went to collage in 2013, leaving that as the only known answer on where he had received his talent. He is a pro at close quarters, and will destroy anything in his way with either an Energy Sword or Magnum Pistol... TechBoy181


  • It is unclear what happened to the gamers after their fragging, All four Players of FoxTrot are never heard from again, after their fragging at OutCast...
    • Althoughh It is strongly possible, that in reality, the gamers moved on with their lives, and got over gaming...
  • FoxTrot is the main protagonist faction for DyingCity65's prequel miniseries, Before The Storm...
  • FoxTrot was the first victims of Viral Day, and the first to both encounter and die by Chaos...