HaloReach - Falcon
Manufactured: 2010 (Introduced in Halo Reach)
Creator: Bungie
Occupation: Ground Support Craft
  • Multiple Xbox Live Players (During Matchmaking & Moderation War)
  • Seven Sages (1 was used during Moderation War, shot down over Forge Fortress)
  • Chaos (Converted to Chaos from Hell Server, Re-spawned back into playable vehicles after Moderation War)
  • M638 Autocannon
  • Two side-mounted M247H Heavy Machine Guns or MG460 Automatic Grenade Launchers
Fate: Used by multiple Players during Matchmaking, converted and used by Chaos in Moderation War, 2 used by Seven Sages, Hornets re-spawned back by Bungie and 343 post Moderation War...
Class: Halo based vehicle
Created By: Bungie

The UH-144 Falcon is a troop transport tilt-and-transverse-rotor helicopter of the UNSC.


Two Falcons can transport a fully-equipped fireteam faster than any other previous system, and provide overwhelming fire support in most weather conditions. The aircraft's crew consists of one pilot, two crewmen who may serve as door gunners, and three passengers. However, in multiplayer, there is only room for the pilot and gunners.

There are two versions of the Falcon. Both have a chin-mounted autocannon, but the UH-144A has two side-mounted grenade launchers while the UH-144S instead has two side-mounted machine guns.