FORGE Fortress
FORGE Fortress
Manufactured: October 8th, 2015 (Developed in Halo Reach)
Destroyed: October 27th, 2015
Arthur: Condemned
  • Mountainous Cliff Sides
  • Islands
  • Grassy Fields
  • Giant Lakes
  • Forerunner Structure
Game: Halo Reach
  • 4 Shade Turrets
  • 4 Scorpions
  • 4 Falcons
  • 3 Warhogs
  • Ambushes Seven Sages as they Attempt to Escape Sandbox, Seven Sages escape...
  • Attacked and leveled by the Seven Sages 5 days later...
Class: Forge Constructed Server, on Forge World by Chaos
Halo Region: Unknown Realm (Possibly Installation 04)
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

FORGE Fortress commonly referred to as Reach Fortress, Fortress Forge or Fort Forge was a heavily entrenched chain of Chaos structures in Halo Reach's main map Forge World, during the Moderation War. Heavily locked down with thick walls and tough defenses, from on top of the cliffs and Islands, FORGE Fortress was commissioned by Condemned as the main base, for the Chaos Occupational forces of Halo Reach.

The Fort was run and watched over by Destro19884 who was commissioned as the main leader for Halo Reach's Occupational forces. Forge Fortress was responsible for both ambushing and shooting down the Seven Sages in the Falcon immediately after they had escaped Sandbox. Despite being outnumbered by the Fort's garrison and defenses, the three grounded Sages, with the help of the other Sages in the Banshees. were able to fight their way through the defenses, up to the main air field where they took over a Falcon, and escape occupied Forge World, back to the Halo 3 servers.

5 Days after the ambush, the Seven Sages returned to Forge World, and Leveled FORGE Fortress as payback against Condemned, after the failed Ambush.


Viral Day

Moderation War

Ambushing the Sages

Battle of Forge World



  • FORGE Fortress, was the first out of all 3 Chaos Fortresses to ever be created by 2091riveraisreal, during the Machinima's early production in the year 2013...
    • The Second one being Hell Server in the year 2014...
    • The Third being IMPACT Fortress that same year...
  • Fort FORGE was the first and only Fortress, where the Seven Sages arrive at the server more then once...
  • Unlike the original FORGE Fortress, that was lost due to 2091riveraisrael's Xbox 360 sustaining a Red ring, the new and improve FORGE Fortress that was reconstructed by 2091riveraisreal on December 18th, 2015, was known to be more detailed and much larger then that of its Xbox 360 Counter part...