The Employees of the PROEJCT Corporationare the main lead developers of the Machinima consisting, of 2091riveraisrael, Firewind Starblade, and DyingCity65, who are mostly responsible for the main development of Virtual Conflict: Rise of Chaos and her prequel Mini Series, Before the Storm. Each producer has a specific job in the development of Virtual Conflict: Rise of Chaos, and are listed down in the table below.


Firewind Starblade

Known as the Watchdog of the Wiki page, Firewind Starblade is best known as Virtual Conflict's most experienced co-producer and plot twister of the Machinima, who mainly comes up with new ideas in order to add towards Virtual Conflict's production. He also resumes his main job as the watchdog of the Machinima, in order to make sure that actors or wiki contributors do not abuse the project or provide any vandalism towards the Machinima or Wikia.

Windspear had been hand chosen by 2091riveraisrael to be the primary moderator of the Wikia, and often expels and manages the Waste List, of the wikia.

He is also known as a Grammar Patrol, as he often fixes errors throughout the wikia if they are needed. He is also responsible for removing people from the wikia if they should mess around and attempt to sabotage the project.

As of 2015, Firewind Starblade is the oldest co-producer of the Machinima Virtual Conflict: Rise of Chaos...

  • Producer Since: 10-19-2015
  • Task: Co-Producer, Plot Twister & Watchdog of Machinima pages, Waste List Management...
Aeons Windspear Staff Card

Thought of in the year 2014, Series creator 2091riveraisrael, serves as the project's main creator and executive producer of Virtual Conflict. He is the main one who came up with the Machinima Idea since 2014, and is the main creator of Wikia Moderation Warfare Central, he is mainly responsible for load outs ideas, and Wiki edits when it comes to new actors joining Virtual Conflict's Production. He is also responsible for the construction of many of the Machinima's main map stages in which are described to be war torn and realistic looking.

Though a leader of the main series, 2091riveraisrael denied leading the Seven Sages in the final production, and instead wanted another player to lead on in his place, as according to him he had no experience in leading others.

As of 2015, he is the second oldest of Virtual Conflict, about 3 years younger then Firewind Starblade...

  • Producer Since: 8-24-2014...
  • Task: Machinma Creator, Executive Producer, Graphic Artist, Writer, & Map Designer...
2091riveraisrael Project Staff Card

Clearly known as the Animator of Virtual Conflict in training, DyingCity65, was first co-producer of the Machinima's production having to date back all the way to early 2015, and is wisely known for plot twisting ideas, and the sudden creation of the 2015 prequel mini series Before the Storm.

Though he is often busy all the time due to multiple tasks done at his home, DyingCity65, often struggles to keep up the pace when it comes to the Machinima's production, but he was also known to create maps in secret, binging to the Before the Storm mini series.

As of 2015 DyingCity65, is the youngest co-producer in Virtual Conflict's production line, having to be 10 years younger then Firewind Starblade, and 7 years younger then 2091riveraisrael...

  • Producer Since: 2-12-2015
  • Task: Animator, Co-Producer & Creator of Before the Storm...
DyingCity65 ID Card