Manufactured: 2014 (Developed in Halo 2)
Arthur: Bungie
Terrain: Tomb
Game: Halo 2
Vehicles: Unknown
Fate: Unknown...
Class: Formal Matchmaking Map
Halo Region: New Mombasa

District was a typical Halo 2 map that was once known to be a Matchmaking map for the classic Halo 2 game. The server was severely destroyed by Chaos during Viral Day, where the map was best known for the the Fall of District, which took place on October 4th, 2015, which led to the slaughter of about 15 Xbox Live Moderators and Administrators.

The map was entered about 2 hours after, during Post Viral Day, by RagingSun6989, Aeons Windspear, and STLproud2serve7, who at the time were attempting to find a safe place to escape from Chaos, it was from this very map where the trio would learn the horrors of Viral Day, and Microsoft's decision to cut off Xbox Live.

District was liberated by Moderators by November 22nd, 2015, about 1 month after its fall to Chaos, and was reverted back to its original state by September 2nd 2016.