Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow class Carrier
Manufactured: October 8th, 2015
Destroyed: November 4th, 2015
Creator: Condemned
Occupation: Chaos Troop and Vehicle transport
User: Chaos
Defenses: 12 Machine Gun Turrets
Fate: Got ambushed and destroyed in Halo 2 Anniversary's Nebula Map, while En route to Sky Line, Halo 4...
Class: Forge Constructed Carrier
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Dark Shadow was a Forge World constructed Carrier created by Chaos during the Moderation War as a form of Transporataion in order to transport vehicles from one Server to the other, with the use of Condemned's own self propelled engine Upgrade in which he managed to conduct on the Carrier in order to allow it to move the Carrier, despite Forge made structures not being able to move at all.

Dark Shadow was meant to transport a supply of 4 Warthogs and 4 Scorpion Class Tanks to the SkyLine Server in the Halo 4 Section of Xbox Live's Network, but this task was never conducted as Dark Shadow was both attacked and destroyed while enroute from the Halo Reach Server to the Halo 4 Server while Crossing the Nebula Server on Halo 2 by the Seven Sages.


Dark Shadow Debris Field

The debris field shown on November 18th, about 15 days later, after Dark Shadows destruction on November 4th, 2015...



The bridge section of the Dark Shadow carrier is located in the front of the ship, and is described to border the 2 Gun nose sections, with a large Monitor screen and a Glass dome which would allow Chaos forces to see what is ahead of them, as they were mostly used and constructed by Deep Web coding which allowed the Carrier to be immuned from Xbox Live game coding.

Vehicle Hanger

Crew Hanger

Fuel Storage

Engine Compartment

Located in the rear section of the ship, the Engine compartment harbors 2 Monitors which links specially designed Deep web coding within the 2 thrusters on the ship propelling the carrier either forward or backwards depending on how Chaos engineers wire the ship to move forward or backwards. The compartment is just next door to the crew Hanger and fuel storage located just infront of the compartment.