Dark Horseman Concept Art

Concept art of a Dark Horseman, created by 2091riveraisreal in the fall of 2015...

The Dark Horseman commonly known as Monsters of The Deep Web are specially designed figurenes that were coded and created by Condemned Virus, in order to take over the Deep Web, and shutting down most of its sites, before Invading Xbox Live, in order to establish beach heads on 4 Halo 4 matchmaking Maps, The Dark horseman, had managed to set up a network of Deep Web based design defenses all over SHATTER and OUTCAST, and are also known to be the ones who are respoinsble for tricking FoxTrot into allowing Condemned entry into the network of gaming.

It was discovered at the end of the Moderation War, that the Dark Horseman also were the ones who were responsible with the creation of Chaos in the Deep Web, as it was discovered by Aeons Windspear that Chaos Coding is identical to that of the Dark Horseman, only upgraded into Invading other Networks.

The Dark Horseman at the end of the Moderation War, was wiped out by Anti Virus, after the destruction of Condemnned by the Seven Sages, whom at the same time also were responsible for destroying many Dark entities as well before their encounter with the Super Virus itself.


Programing & Behavior


  • If created, the Dark Horseman would become the first animated threat in the history of Machinima development, and also the first non game villain to be created by the developers as well...