Chaos Island
Manufactured: 2015 (Developed in Halo 4)
Arthur: Condemnation
  • 3 Anvil Islands
  • Islands
  • Oceans
Game: Halo 4
  • Repels Moderation counter attack during Viral Day...
  • Surpplies Ice Breakers with Missiles and experience A.I's...
  • Destroyed on November 31st, 2015 by Xbox Live Moderators...
Class: Forge Constructed Oceanic Sea Port
Halo Region: Requiem
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Chaos Island


Port Layout

Hell Court

Corus Bridge

Vehicle Dock

Orga Bridge

The Dock


  • Chaos Island was declared an official Sea Port by Condemnation, however the idea of a an Oceanic Sea Port in a video game franchise where Oceanic Vessels no longer exist, came into play by 2091riveraisreal who decided to introduce something new to not only the world of Machinima...
  • Throughout the beginning developments of the Machinima, Chaos Island was meant to be an Oceanic fortress until it was changed into a Sea Port in early 2015...
  • Chaos Island was developed by 2091riveraisreal in early October in the year 2013, the exact same year that FORGE Fortress was created...
  • Chaos Island is declared the main home port for Ice Breaker, in Condemnation...