Bungie & 343 Moderator Server
HaloReach - Spire
Manufactured: 2010 (Developed in Halo Reach)
Arthur: 2091riveraisrael
  • Mountain Terrain
  • Canyon
  • Halo Reach
Vehicles: Multiple
Fate: Falls to Chaos during Viral Day, Liberated 3 days before the Battle of Forge Fortress, preserved once again to Xbox Live Moderators...
Class: Private Bungie & 343 Server
Halo Region: Reach

The Bungie & 343 Network & Moderation Server is a fictional Private Server and location created by 2091riveraisrael for the future planned Machinima Virtual Conflict: Rise of Chaos, that was mostly known to have been established by Bungie after the creation and development of Halo Reach in 2010, and was used by Moderators in order to maintain control of Xbox Live, and Ban any players on the Network who ever violated the terms of Agreement.

The Network was Invaded and Occupied by Chaos, during the early hours of the Moderation War, which lead to the Banning of all of the Moderators of Xbox Live, which would soon later lead Microsoft with the desperate Option of pulling the plug on the Network as a final resort to take down Chaos.

The Option however to pull the Plug was never done, as a group of seven Xbox Live Players who had survived the Chaos Invasion, due to being in separate maps that were not targeted by Chaos at the time, had managed to defeat an entire Chaos Army in Halo 3's Multiplayer Server Map Stand off, and were even successful in Taking down JargonNation2988, one of Chaos's most ruthless AI Leaders.