Brute Shot
Manufactured: 2004 (First Appeared in Halo 2)
Occupation: Anti Infantry Cannon/Grenade Launcher
Cartridges: 4 Shots
Range: Short to Medium
Counter Part:
Type: High Explosive grenades
Created By: Bungie

The Type-25 Grenade Launcheris or Brute Shot is a Covenant weapon favored exclusively by the Jiralhanae. On Xbox Live it is favored by many Grenade or anti Tank players who fight against other players on Custom Games or Matchmaking.

During opening events of the Moderation War, this Weapon was used by Many players in order to try and defend themselves against Chaos during Viral Day, but those who fell victim to the Virus Condemnation, would easily lose these grenade launchers to the Virus.

The Brute shot was never used by Chaos, Only one Brute Shot was used by one of the Seven Sages, while others have been abandoned throughout the entire Moderation War until the great Counter attack of 2015, when Xbox Live Players were finally able to return to the Servers after Bungie and 343 Industries had managed to finally break through Condemnation's impenetrable Firewall.

Bungie's Designs

The Brute Shot is carried and fired from the hip rather than the shoulder. It has a fast firing rate for a grenade launcher, being capable of firing four grenades in about three seconds. The Brute Shot can hold up to 6 rounds, with 12 extra rounds in reserve. Grenades explode after three seconds in Halo 2 and on contact in Halo 3. Like other Brute weapons, it has a blade attached to the underside for use as a melee weapon.


It seems to be compatible with two clips: a four-grenade belt that fires propelled grenades in a slight arc that detonate after three seconds, and a six-grenade belt that fires projectiles that go straight forward and explode on impact. The four-grenade clip type fires a type of grenade similar to the frag grenade that bounces off of and around most surfaces, though it was originally supposed to shoot plasma-grenade-like explosives.

The Type-25 Grenade Launcher was equipped by Jiralhanae infantry as early as the Battle of Shield 0459, where it was used to deadly effect against the crew of the Spirit of Fire. The grenades seem to be belt fed through the top of the weapon. The splash damage from this weapon is relatively small. It features a sharp, curved, backwards-pointing bayonet on its underside, which is used as a powerful close-combat weapon.