Binary Rifle
H4 binary trans
Manufactured: 2012 (First Appeared in Halo 4)
Occupation: Sniper Rifle
Cartridges: 2 Rounds
Range: Very Long
Counter Part:
Type: Special Application Sniper rifle
Created By: Bungie

The Z-750 Special Application Sniper Rifle, more commonly known as The Binary Rifle, is a long-range Forerunner weapon appearing in Halo 4. It employs two core-mounted particle accelerators to propel a round with unparalleled stopping power that can bring down distant foes with one shot.

When the round impacts an enemy, it causes them to disintegrate, similar to when a Promethean Knight is killed.

It also has two zoom modes (5x and 10x) to fulfill its purpose as a long range precision rifle. The rifle emits a highly visible orange beam from its barrel when aiming, allowing opponents to trace the user's location.