Battle of Plaza
Date: October 1st, 2017
Conflict: Clan Crisis
Status: Phoenix/Athena Victory...
  • Shadow Ocean code Antenna destroyed...
  • Athena and Phoenix escape Plaza...
  • RisingSun transfers Software code data to Sandbox...
  • Tanya Bladedancer plans new attacks against Shadow Ocean...
  • Athena wins their first victory in the Clan Crisis...
Server: Plaza
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

Battle of Plaza was an engagement in the Clan Crisis, that was lead by the Blades of the Phoenix in joint operation with the clan Athena, in a desperate attempt to destroy Shadow Ocean's main data line on the Halo 5 map Plaza.

The Battle was won at first, with the destruction of the Forge constructed antenna located in the center of the map, but was quickly down turned by a Shadow Ocean counter attack against both clans.

This battle was the first victory that the clan Athena, had managed to claim against Shadow Ocean in the mid months of the Clan Crisis, despite the sudden turn of events just 50 minutes after the destruction of the comm array.

Prior to the Events


Joint Clan Attack

S.O Counterattack