Infiltration of Blackout
Date: October 20th, 2015
Conflict: Moderation War

Seven Sages


  • Unknown
Status: Sage Victory...
  • Fort Viral Discovered...
  • Ice Breaker Submarine discovered...
  • Chaos occupied Black Out Rig destroyed...
  • Sages Encouter Ice Breaker...
  • Seven Sages escape Black Out...
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Attack on Black Out also known as The Infiltration of Black Out was a spy mission during the Moderation War that was coordinated and ordered by StealthStrike280, in which two of the Seven Sages, with specially designed hacked guns, would infiltrate the Occupied Chaos Halo 3 map black out for some data streams in order to locate and find Chaos' main base of Operations in Halo 3.

Taking place about 6 days, after the Fall of Sandbox, the attack on Blackout led to both the discovery of Viral Fortress, and Forge-Class Chaos submarine Ice Breaker, along with the destruction of the entire weather station map itself.