Aerial Practice Engagement
Date: October 12th, 2015
Conflict: Moderation War
Vehicles Used:
  • 4 Banshees
  • 1 Hornet
Status: PLATNIUMskull90, Aeons Windspear & StealthStrike260 Is the Victor...
  • PLATNIUMskull90 Wins against RagingSun6989...
  • Seven Sages become smarter at Aerial Warfare...
  • Sandbox Is Invaded 4 Hours later...
  • ChasedIvy Wins against That1Explosion...
  • RagingSun6989 Wins twice against ChasedIvy...
Server: Sandbox (Over the Map)
Created By: 2091riveraisrael

The Air Showdown also known as either The Aerial Engagement or The Air Practice Engagement, was a training session, sustained by the Seven Sages, during the early hours of the Moderation War that took place over Sandbox, just 4 hours before Chaos found and Invaded the Server.

The Battle was known as a simulated practice engagement, in which each of the Seven Sages would launch from the Evacuation Platform above Sandbox, and fight one another in an all out air war above Sandbox.

At the end of the engagement, the 3 Sages who plagued the Hornet, emerged victoriously, these players were known as, PLATNIUMskull90, StealthStrike260, and Aeons Windspear.

The Aerial Engagement